What didn't you have to work on with your pup?

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More Bored- Collies
Barked: Tue Nov 12, '13 4:31am PST 
Cobain was easy.

He never chewed things he wasn't supposed to (although my mother for some reason seems hellbent on blaming him for chewing a stair railing - which was Boomer, I know because I caught him doing it).

Aside from his illness as a pup, he was very quickly housebroken. With constant diarrhea it was quite difficult to say that for sure though.

Crate training was a breeze.

Recall came naturally.

Never went through the puppy "crazies" which for a Border Collie is pretty impressive laugh out loud

He's never left the yard alone - we only had 1/2 the yard fenced.

Never shown much interest in strangers.

Never had to correct jumping.

Always been fine around cats.

Has never been "nippy" with people.

When he met his first horse, he politely walked up to the fence, the horse swung it's head over. They touched noses briefly and I swear they both shrugged and walked away. As if to say "okay nothing special, you stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours." And that's stuck in all further horse meetings.

Cobain has always just kind of been "good" smile

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Barked: Tue Nov 12, '13 4:41am PST 
Rigby was a strange case.
They caught her after following her for something like 3 months as a stray dog in Toronto.

While she wasn't housebroken when we got her, she was entirely crate trained. She stays calm and quiet while she's crated, doesn't try to destroy it or otherwise make a mess. Also never chewed on something she wasn't supposed to, but loves toys.

And despite being a "stray" previously, she's only ever run away once (that was on an off-leash hike with my mother, while Cobain and myself were away at an agility trial for the weekend. It was the first time she was without us). My mother claims something must have spooked her. shrug That was nearly 2 years ago, hasn't happened since.
She has never left the yard without human direction.

Drop it was something she's always been great with. No matter what it is, if I tell her to, she will drop it without even thinking.

The only time she ever pulls on the leash is that brief walk from the car to the spot where she gets to be off-leash on our hike. Aside from that she will either walk behind, or in heel for the entirety of a leashed walk.

Never had a problem with other animals. She will step over a cat as though it doesn't exist.

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Hucky and- Ringo

Barked: Tue Nov 12, '13 10:04am PST 
Wow, you were very lucky with Moose. I don't want to relive what Huck put me through, besides, I don't have the time to list everything he chewed and all the money it cost me to replace alot. The only good behavior he came to me with @ 10 months old was being house trained. All his other behaviors were BAD behaviors. But today, I'm happy and proud to say that he's the bestest.way to go I couldn't ask for a better dog. Make that 2 better dogs. I think Ringo is more obediant. Sometimes Huck still has selective hearing and at times he can cop an attitude.

Brigantia - CGC CGCA

The Baby Bear
Barked: Tue Nov 12, '13 4:41pm PST 
Well, I adopted Holly when she was three. She had all kinds of issues to work on. Nothing dreadfully bad, just things like barking, pulling, dog reactivity, basic obedience. She was more of a challenge, but wonderfully easy to work with once we got going. She came flawlessly housebroken, not a chewer, great with people and kids, and very tolerant of being handled.

Bri was really a very, very easy puppy. She came home at 11 weeks. I was prepared for constant leash-dragging, chewing everything, hyperactive, hot mess. She was none of the above. She learned pretty much all of her basic obedience within a week after watching Holly. She was housebroken after about two weeks. She never chewed anything other than her toys. She let me groom her, brush her teeth and trim her nails without any protest, and she slept her way through the majority of her baby months. Not to mention she was the star of her puppy classes. big grin

Really the only thing Bri ever gave me trouble with was crate training. Which hasn't improved greatly over the years. It's never been too much of an issue because she doesn't destroy anything when left alone. Really, I was blessed with an angel puppy. I dread the day when I get a normal (?) pup and am overwhelmed. laugh out loud
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

My Little Dog, a- heartbeat at my- feet.<3
Barked: Tue Nov 12, '13 5:18pm PST 
Charlie has always been 'good', even when he's been bad. laugh out loud

Most of his bad behaviors as a pup when I first got him was because he wanted attention(poor boy was so neglected when I got him), and he was ALWAYS very eager to please. SUPER easy to train new commands/tricks to, and always been AMAZING with people(especially seniors and children), and is good with cats, and GREAT at socializing fear aggressive dogs(he's really good at reading them and knows how to react so they're less likely to). Shadow is one of those dogs that he just clicked with and they absolutely adore going for walks together. smile

Ria.. She's ALWAYS been excellent off leash, with GREAT recall. Terrible on leash, but we've always had her off leash to begin with. She's great with people, kids... and she actually caught me by surprise earlier. She's Border Collie/Lab and while I was cleaning my bunny cage today, she was gated in the kitchen and Charlie was kenneled. I forgot to shut the gate at the doorway at some point during my cleaning process, with Crush, my bunny hopping around on my carpet grooming himself in the living room. Ria walked right up to him before I could stop her, gave him one sniff, and kept on going right past him. Couldn't care less. But she's been raised with him in our home, and I've introduced her a few times, just never had him out of arms with her around so I wasn't sure how she'd do. Definitely won't ever have them unsupervised, but was VERY pleasantly surprised that something that could have gone HORRIBLY wrong, went soooo very well. She got cookies to say the least. And Crush wasn't fazed at all - he grew up in a home with a Lab, and both were free roam together. Good girl, Ria! way to go

Zombie the- American Bulldog- Puppy!
Barked: Wed Nov 13, '13 12:32am PST 
I just got Zombie from the pet store. She is just shy of 12-weeks. They associate that helped me told me that they had clicker trained Zombie already. They put her in a pen with some toys and she started playing. They said her name “Zombie” (I didn’t change it) and she immediately stopped playing and looked up. The associate clicked and gave her a treat! She then showed me that Zombie would touch a target stick on command. I was very surprised when a target stick pulled right out of the clicker (I guess it’s some sort of combo or something). She told Zombie to “touch” and she immediately ran over and touched the target stick with her nose! She also sat, lay down, stood, released a toy, came, stayed, and heeled all on command with the clicker! She said she works with the puppies as soon as they come in from the breeder and told me Zombie was a genius. I’ve taken her out and all I have to say is “heel” and she walks by my side! She doesn’t pull on the leash. People can’t believe how good she is! She loves other dogs, but doesn’t freak out when she sees them. She wags her tail and play bows. I think this is because she was around so many other puppies in the pet store. I haven’t yet tried her off leash. I took her to a restaurant and we sat outside, all bundled up, and she had a great time! Some other dogs walked by and she just wagged her tail. I ordered her a cup of warm water, too. I let her drink from the cup! LOL I have tons of toys, so Zombie hasn’t chewed on any inappropriate yet. I’m not sure if she will. She has tons of energy and loves going out. She doesn’t show any interest in my shoes. Her toys keep her occupied. I haven’t seen her even show interest in chewing on anything inappropriate. But, she has a lot of toys. She lies next to me when I eat, but that doesn’t bother me. I put her on a raw diet as soon as I brought her home and I think she only sees raw meat as food now. I don’t know, that’s my guess. She sniffed a paper towel I dropped, but didn’t pick it up. I was surprised, since it had food on it. She doesn’t seem interested in “human food”. But, when I brought out her breakfast of ground whole llama, she went crazy! I don’t care if she is in the kitchen with me, as she is a good girl. I’m a raw vegan, so maybe my food doesn’t look too appetizing to a puppy. I haven’t left her alone yet, so I don’t know how that will go. She is the perfect puppy! I’ve never had a puppy this well-behaved before!

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Wed Nov 13, '13 8:41am PST 
Buddy has never jumped on anyone, his other behaviors suck but he is exceedingly gentle. I didn't delve too deeply into what was done to him before I got him, what I did find out would give a feeling person nightmares, so I have no idea if they actually taught him to be nice. I have my doubts.

Shadow does not chew anything and never did. I cannot think of a single thing she has ever chewed up. She did destroy a corner of her towel but I am pretty sure that was just from sucking on it. She also takes food super carefully which is odd since she routinely bites at me.

Charks and Tyler, I think some dogs are just highly driven by nature to communicate on a different level. It doesn't work on all dogs, it seems to require a fairly specific personality. If I used those same concepts on Bud he would never respond and might just pee on melaugh out loud But Sabi didn't respond to anything else. She worked as an equal, or not at all. I could ask but never demand.

OT but Zombie, can you tell me what led you to decide you needed a petstore puppy?
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