Going nuts in the car

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Barked: Mon May 23, '05 11:26am PST 
I get SOOOO excited in the car!!! I love to go on ride, but it really stresses mom and dad out because I will NOT sit still. I run in the back from side to side. Dad will tell me to sit, and I do... but only for about 5 seconds, then I just get back up and run back and forth again. Anyone have any suggestions on what might help me settle down? It's very distracting for Mom and dad. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Barked: Mon May 23, '05 5:33pm PST 
My mommie puts me in a crate when we're on a freeway. It distracts daddie less as he drives, and it's supposed to be good for my safety too.

Of course, when we're on local roads, I get to peep my head out the window. If I get too rowdy, I'm either put back in the crate or I'm told to stay on the floor. Now I try to compose myself the best I can so mommie can let me peep my head out the window.

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Barked: Wed May 25, '05 12:24am PST 
Bently maybe ask Mom or Dad to get you a doggie seatbelt - I've seen some cool ones at Petsmart and Petco smile


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Barked: Wed May 25, '05 3:39am PST 
Let sum1 hold you down when you're acting excited. I use to do that in my dady's car but i'm small.
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Barked: Sat May 28, '05 6:56pm PST 
I'll assume that at home he listens to sit for more than 5 seconds, and it's just in the car he can't contain himself. If it's at home and in the car, then he needs to learn to sit and stay longer.

I agree that if that is not the problem, your best solution would be to either have someone in the backseat with him to calm him with distractions, whether it be food (unless he gets carsick), toys or just attention, or to put him into a doggie seatbelt. They allow some movement, but it would help to keep him in one place.

Question: Do you only have him in the car when you go to certain places that he's excited about? Or do you also take him on little errands where he'll sit in the car and doesn't really get anything out of the trip. If you're only taking him on trips that he'll get excited about, you can try intervening with short, abbreviated trips, like starting with driving around the block. Then make the trips longer and longer, but not going anywhere where he'll be getting out of the car. Reward him for being a good boy in the car. This may or may not work, and would be a long process, so for an easy fix, get a seatbelt.