Light Solution for Working in the Dark

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Barked: Wed Oct 23, '13 5:10am PST 
So for various reasons that have to do with schedules and the changing light, Oberon and I do a lot of walking and sometimes training in the dark of the early morning or evening. I'm always on the lookout for light solutions to make him more visible. I made him a blaze orange walking vest with lots of reflective tape, when we practice with his empty pack (His predecessor's pack) it has reflective tape, and occasionally I'll velcro an LED glowstick or whatnot to him. None of these have been really great, but I hit on a solution last night that beats everything.

I'm a wildlife biology student so I had a headlamp lying around, the single band style where you can tilt the lamp up and down. I cinched the band down to Oberon's collar size, tilted the light so it would point outwards from his neck a bit, and voila! It was like he was holding a flash light for us both.

So if you need a light to walk with, try an adjustable single-strap headlamp. They're $10-20, use AA or AAA batteries usually(Instead of expensive watch batteries), and are much more durable than any clip-on collar light I've found.

It might not work as well if your dog sniffs the ground constantly, but it worked beautifully for us last night and this morning.