Bringing a dog back in

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Barked: Fri Jul 19, '13 6:46pm PST 
I will be getting a doxie that was originally house trained but has been a outside dog for a couple of years now. I'm curious as to whether he'll have issues with that. Should I expect him to have forgotten that training?
Also, he hasn't had his shot boosters in a couple of years & I have a 11 week old puppy that's not finished with all of her her puppy shots. Should I keep them apart or should that be ok? Obviously I'm taking him to get his boosters when I get him.

Barked: Fri Jul 26, '13 8:34am PST 
Well, it's hard to say. I would guess that the doxie would need a refresher in house training - though that is common in a newly adopted dog, even a previously indoor one. You will have to teach him the limits and rules in your house. My more recently adopted dog loves to run around our house and get into EVERYTHING - we don't know what her previous living situation was but I'm guessing having a whole house was a new thing. We have had to work with her stealing things and redirect her to appropriate play things. She's getting better. She's young though, sounds like your doxie might be a bit older.

As far as the shots go, I really don't know, I would just ask a vet for advice.

Good luck!