Whining and barking in the crate, please help

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Barked: Tue Jul 16, '13 11:48pm PST 
My 4 year old Schnoodle (who I've had for about a year and a half) has separation anxiety, and I really need to cure him of this. It's affecting my living situation and my life, plus it makes him anxious...

He loves hanging out in his crate when I'm around and will go in and snooze in there on his own accord, but when I put him in there so I can go out and have a little bit of a life (and get work and errands done), he starts to whine after only 10 minutes. I even put him in there with a peanut-butter filled kong toy (which he loves) and a piece of my smelly clothing.

I know he calms down after he cries and whines for awhile and is fine after that, but he wakes my housemate up and this is a bad thing. At this point I can't leave him in the house uncrated and alone (he peed and pooed on the floor last time), and I can't crate him and leave if my housemate is home because then he bothers her with his barking and crying.

Please help, as I'm now a prisoner in my own home!! I think it's a good sign that he likes being in the crate overall and isn't scared of it, but how do I get him to stop whining and barking when I leave him alone? I timed it tonight-- left him in there with the treats and went outside-- and it took about 10 minutes for him to start whining. I tried tossing things at the window when he whined (he couldn't see me, I guess it's like that "coin in the bottle/noise" trick) but that didn't work...

help help help! Thanks.

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Update: today I put him in there with his treats etc, and left the house, thinking I'd go out for 10 mins. He started whining immediately, so I came back in the house and left him in his crate in my bedroom (he couldn't see me), and walked around the house talking on the phone, etc. So he could hear me but he was still crated. I guess I'll do this again later today, crate him for 10 mins and stay in the house. Tomorrow, 20 mins...

Maybe next week, crate him and leave the house...

Maybe one day I'll be able to have a normal life again...

Thoughts and ideas welcomed, thank you!

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Without seeing the behavior, based on your description, your dog either has very mild separation anxiety or he's just spoiled. He needs to be properly crate trained AND house trained. Unless there is some medical issue? There is no earthly reason for a 4 year old dog to be going to the bathroom in the house. I like the plan you are using with putting him in a separate room.

For house training Keep him tethered to you or in his crate, take him outside every couple of hours to go pee, clean accidents promptly with an appropriate cleaning solution.
For the crating, keep doing what you are doing and expand on it. Make sure you don't talk to him in his crate. Start desensitizing him to you leaving. Put him in his crate, and get ready to leave, walk out the door and then come back in put your stuff down and watch TV. In a short while do it again.
When you do actually leave, crate him and just go. No fuss, no talking, no goodbye, just get your stuff and leave. Same when you return. Walk in, put your stuff down, hang up your coat, then let him out. No big production, just 'hey, how are ya.' then straight out for a pee.
Good Luck

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Thanks so much. Forgot to write the reason he went to the bathroom in the house is because we had been separated for 3 months while I moved, and that happened a few days after he arrived in the new house-- and it was the first time I left him (though my housemate and her dog were here). So he normally doesn't have bathroom issues.

I'm working in 10-minute increments today. He's still whining when I leave, but then I come back into the house and leave him in the other room in his crate for another 10 minutes while I go about my business. Then I let him out without any fanfare.

I guess I'll do this a few more times today. I like how you put it, that I need to desensitize him to my leaving-- I think that's it exactly.

Thanks, any more ideas are gratefully appreciated!!