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It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Sat Jun 8, '13 8:01pm PST 
I was just walking Callie and we walked past a wooden fence with slats missing and ARFARFARFARF here comes a little Jack Russell. Nobody in the backyard, fortunate that Callie doesn't mind other dogs. He just stood there watching this little guy walking on the lawn.

I saw the TV on in the house living room. We rang the doorbell and this guy answers the door. "Do you have a small dog?" the guy was like yeah, he doesn't go anywhere...not even a block away is a very dead cat on the side of the road. This street is usually littered with critters that didn't cross safely...but yeah he doesn't go anywhere. This guy was visibly afraid of Callie on his front porch, yet he lets his little dog loose to run into dogs like Callie...does that make senseshrugshrugshrug

Serious Face
Barked: Sat Jun 8, '13 9:55pm PST 
Oh my goodness! Just had a similar experience today...

Our neighbors across the street have three dogs that bark at everyone who goes by. Normal protecting the territory barking. The yard is mostly fenced except there's no fence between the yard and the driveway. I had never seen any of their dogs leave the yard until today.

I had Arya across the street, on-leash, still on our property but outside of our wire fence. The dogs were barking as usual, when all of a sudden one of them takes off from the driveway, across the road straight at us. I was able to pick her up just as he got to us and immediately started back towards our driveway. The dog just kept barking, standing in the middle of the road until he was sure we were leaving.

Our last dog was just hit by a truck in that exact spot a month ago. Trucks and cars drive down that road very fast. It was scary. x_x Partly because I didn't want Arya to have to confront this dog and partly because it's so dangerous.

I left a letter for them in their mailbox about it... I really don't want to see another dog killed there... and people walk by that house with dogs and kids and babies in strollers all the time...