Creepy Dog Park Situation

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It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Fri Jun 7, '13 10:26am PST 
Not the dog park precisely but the surrounding trails, it's a big nature reserve and we were walking there yesterday. On the dirt trails as we walked along there would be small holes-like twenty or thirty grouped together every few feet.

I heard about them on the news and from customers but surprised how big they are number one...number two realized we were surrounded basicallyshockshockshock
Of course they aren't going to swarm and attack you but just really really creepy. You can hear them munching in the distance. All they're interested in is eating and mating before they go back into hiding but they were EVERYWHERE.

Sophie sniffed a few but there were just so many you get used to crunching them underfoot. I'm wondering too...are robins attracted to them? Saw a lot of robins and I understand some birds find them delicious...
The birds are going to grow more obese than Christie...woooof

Would have made a great horror movie set though, you hear the chirping and whole trees...cars...pups start vanishing from the dog park...THE CICADAS!!!!eekeekeek

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