Advanced Potty Training - "Bell Ringing"

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So Isis and I, as well as my girlfriend, have been working hard! We have accomplished so much in the short time we've all been together since rescuing her in March. I had a fun idea though, I was thinking of picking up a staples "easy" button and hanging it on the wall by the door. Isis is already house broken and now sits in front of the door when she needs to go potty. She doesn't bark though or draw us to her, she just sits. Since we always supervise her this isn't a problem, but it would be nice to have more of a cue, especially if we are in another room or have company and our attention isn't focused on her. Hence the button! When she needs to go out, she can just hit the button with the nose and let us know she needs to go out! A fun exercise building off an already learned behavior sounds like a nice break from constantly learning new things and reinforcing things already learned.

So, as this is rather similar to getting a dog to ring a bell, does anyone have any suggestions or tips on how to go about this?
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Look up how to train a 'touch' or 'target' command. Either of these will teach exactly what you want. Youtube has a lot of great videos. smile
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We just had an early morning request this morning. Charks sleeps on her bed on my side of the human bed. She gets up and gives me a gentle lick (usually arm rather than face wash) when she needs to go out... very similar to requests during the day. Since I am hearing-impaired, it's a bit better than ringing a bell wink Similar target training... just use self as target (hands work well once dog gets the target). Not sure if that's clear???