Please PLEASE help training dog differentiate people at fence

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blue dog Hello really need some help

We of course would want our dogs to bark at people approaching our fence to our house for safety reasons. Unfortunately on one
side of the fence to our house we have neighbors WHO CANT STAND DOGS -Period- are extremely FEARFUL of dogs.
THese neighbors (do have a fenced in yard) but there is a few feet between the properties of a leftover perimeter on their end. So in that area by the perimeter of our fence sometimes the dogs bark. Today I was cutting up dinner in the kitchen and heard some barking so it took about two minutes for me to respond and the dogs would not quiet down when I asked them too, but I heard such a commotion and saw our next door neighbor was pointing at them and screaming SHUT UP SHUT UP YOU SHUT UP

I calmly tried to tell her they dont know what that word ---shut up--- means and she would not even let me finish - she called them aggressive, said they were about to jump the fence on her and were growling. ALL of which , lets say in the least bit were even true, WHY would you point your finger and shout so loud at their faces between the fence.

Our dogs are 9 months 1.5 yrs. THey are service dogs in training - so they go out in public everyday, without incident, unless you consider trying to get petted when they are not supposed to an aggressive move. (kidding)
So yes they are submissive by far, compared to a lot of dogs and gentle and loving.

Please can anyone tell me how to train the dogs to not bark at those neighbors whenever they see them - by the fence but to still bark at someone who would be close to the fence or even enter it ??

BTW the neighbor lambasted me too tonite- saying I should be ashamed of myself. My idea was and I dont know if she or the family will work on this with me . I was hoping to have someone walk along the perimiter of the fence on their side and treat the dogs, work with them on the quiet command, but I dont know if she will give us permission. Also she was screaming so bad at the dogs and at me, I think she really really stressed the dogs out...like its ingrained in my mind how she acted, I dont know how it effected them.

So bear with me here but we love our dogs and I worry she or the family will do something really terrible to the dogs.

A little history:

Her family complained to our neighbors across the street for using a leaf blower at 5 pm on fathers day saying it disturbed their dinner. They scream at anyone in the neighborhood who decided to take any trees down in their own yard. They complain about any neighbors who use gas powered tools. If one of our dog lets out a few barks she puts a note in our mailbox.Actually we get blamed and sometimes its not our dogs.

So while no one in the immediate neighborhood likes them =we have to live next to them and I dont want anything to happen to these dogs. The three dogs are for children with special needs and do a great job.

please offer advice we will try anything

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I have experience with these kinds of people and have come to the conclusion that nothing makes them happy, even if you gave them a million dollars cash, there would be something wrong with it. With that said, can you put up a fence, or some thick shrubs so the dogs can't see them? Without your neighbor's cooperation and their violent behavior, I'm not sure you can change your dogs reaction to them. So, I would suggest trying to block the reaction before it happens. Good Luck!

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I would post this in the service dogs forum.


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I agree with Kali, but I also think it’s probably not a good idea to let your dogs sit out in the yard and bark- even for just a couple minutes. Granted your neighbor had a massive over-reaction, but a yapping dog really is irritating. JMO, I think it would be best to supervise the dogs when they’re outside, and interrupt/redirect any unnecessary barking. The dogs will be safer, and your neighbors will hopefully chill out a little.

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Agree with Gizmo. The easiest solution would be to keep your dogs in the house when you're not supervising them, especially if you think your neighbors might try to take matters into their own hands. If you want people to know you have dogs, put a "Dogs on Premise" sign on the fence.

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I could be wrong here, so please correct me if I am... But isn't it considered a generally BAD idea, even on your own property, to have SERVICE DOGS barking at people? If you were in an emergency situation and the dogs were to bark at emergency personnel... Well... Just a bad idea all around if you ask me. So while I understand not wanting them barking at the neighbors... I don't necessarily understand wanting SD's barking at other people at all.
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I agree with Charlie. A service dog should not be barking, growling or making a scene at anyone, period, no matter where they are. If you take this to the SD forum people are going to tell you the same thing. Who trained the dogs? I would take this issue to the trainer/organization.

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OK I agree with Charlie and JT, if these are service dogs barking at anyone is a bad idea. And not really sure why you have 2 SDiT's.

Further I have made it crystal clear to all of my neighbors that I have dogs, will continue to have dogs and if they ever have any issues with my dogs they are welcome to come and discuss it with me, but I will not tolerate anyone yelling at my dogs, throwing things, teasing or slapping the fence. Do any of that and I might bite you.laugh out loud
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I would call the dogs back inside if they barked at the neighbors. I agree with others, even though this neighbor is over the top, it's pretty annoying to be in your own yard and have a neighbor dog barking at you--esp. if you're not a dog person, you're not going to be very happy about not being able to enjoy your property.

That said, you should also teach them a quiet command--an off switch for barking, esp. if these are to be service dogs, they need to not bark whenever they feel like it in public.

As far as being alert around your house and knowing it's o.k. to bark at some people at the fence, but not others--I think you're wanting too much there--that would be too hard to expect your dogs to understand, bark at some people, but not this lady . . . they need to know to stop barking when you tell them to or call them in. Better yet don't leave them in the yard unless you're in the yard too.

To me it's fine if the dogs bark at knocks at the door, etc. when they are INSIDE--that's security enough. They don't need to be left on their own to decide who's allowed to be outside, at least not unless you are in a position to immediately check on them, see what's up and either stop them or call them in. Any prolonged barking is just annoying for everyone.

Here's a video for the basics of teaching a stop barking command.

how to teach stop barking command

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The people sound like space cadets, rude ones at that. Can you block the fence so your dogs can't see through it? It is about keeping your dogs safe from creepy people. Can you run a second fence to keep them out of the corner? I would also let the neighbors know that they won't yell or scream at you or your dogs.

My last thought, move. (not very realistic, but I couldn't' bear to live near creeps and I would move. )