The great misteries of dogs and water

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Barked: Tue Apr 16, '13 8:06pm PST 
this is to have some fun. but i noticed,how dogs(at least some of mines) Like to get wet,they don't care if its raining,they enjoy it,lay down on random puddles,water leftover from washing the patio,getting they're paws wet,swimming...etc..

Yet..they hate taking a bath. Of course my pups don't give much of a fight after they realized they are not getting out of that tub until i done big grin

I don't have to bath often,only when they get dirty or play with a smelly dog....which is...daily for terry xD.

How about the other doggies here? they love to swim but hate baths!? dogs are fullof strange behaviors snoopy
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Barked: Wed Apr 17, '13 1:25am PST 
Rocky LOVED the water!!! If it was the beach, it was heaven puppy Even a pond, he would be straight in there splashing around and terrifying any poor creatures living in there puppy
His eyes lit up whenever he saw water (the dirtier the better)... In the rain he would walk for miles, drinking out of puddles as we went puppy

But put him in a bath and oh Dog... That was a whole different story lol... He was a very big dog so trying to keep him in it was a nightmare! I would end in soaked to the bone, in the bath with him as he tried to climb over my shoulder to get out the tub... And afterwards, he wouldn't speak to me for the rest of the night lol.

I only ever bathed Rocky when he got super muddy... Or decided to chase a fox and roll in whatever it left behind :o/

Dexter is a whole different story... He HATES water... Any kind if water, except rain.

The family who owned him previous to me, told me he fell in a pond when he was younger and hasn't gone near anything like it, since. I have a pond in my garden but he wouldn't even round the corner where the pond is. I've been working with him and now he's brave enough to drink out of it, but that's it!

If we go to the beach, Dexter doesn't even look at the water... It's like it's not there :o/ But when I bath him, he's a superstar puppy Doesn't whine, doesn't move and doesn't shake all over me to distract me before jumping over me to escape, like Rocky... Dexter just enjoys the attention lol...

Rocky and Dexter were complete opposites puppy

Now I have Skipper!

Doesn't much care for a bath but doesn't struggle to much... Takes major zoomed afterwards though lol...

He too fell in the pond when he was really small, but didn't bat an eyelid... Just swam round it a couple of times before getting out on his own puppy
He hasn't been to the beach yet but when he sees muddy water whilst on a walk, he loves it puppy

Rain is another story... He hates it. He will sit at the back door and watch Dexter run around the garden without taking a step outside (living in Scotland, I really have to break this habit, otherwise he'll be a house dog lol)... If I do finally get him to go outside, he will lick the concrete for about five seconds, run on to the grass, pee and then run straight back inside lol...

Gosh, that was a long one lol...

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Capone is the complete opposite. He doesn't like water in general. If it's raining or even overcast, I have to coax him to go outside. And then he stays close to the porch to do his business and comes right back in. It's very hard to get him to poop outside if we have several days of rain because he'll only poop towards the back of the yard and he won't go out that far in the rain. It has to be a real emergency for him to poop when it's raining.

But he lets me bathe him with no problems. I think it helps that he always wants to be with me. When he was a puppy and I would take a shower, he stayed in the bathroom with me and whined and tried to get in the tub with me. So whenever he needed a bath, I started bringing him into the shower with me and he loved it. After he grew up I began bathing him separately from me, but as long as I don't move away from the side of the tub, he'll sit contently until I say "all done". Then we make a game of drying him off.


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Barked: Wed Apr 17, '13 9:23am PST 
When I first took Moose to the beach, he was hesitant to go in the water. It took about 4 or 5 trips for him to realize that water was fun.
He now loves the water. He's not confident swimming in it, but he'll go in until he's on is tippy toes and he'll roll around in it no problem.
But, up until a few months ago, he wouldn't step foot in a puddle on the sidewalk or street. He'd leap over them as if they were going to burn his skin if the water got on him. It was weird.

Giving him a bath is somewhat simple. I just hose him down on my driveway and he's pretty good with it. Doesn't seem to freak him out or bother him. Like most dogs, it just hops him up.

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Barked: Wed Apr 17, '13 7:07pm PST 
Koby Loooooooves his kiddie pool filled to the top. But he hates the rain and he hates baths, go figure. Kali hates all water unless its used for drinking and drooling. laugh out loud

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Barked: Sun Apr 21, '13 5:01am PST 
Vivace loves to go swimming. She will jump in any pond, pool, lake, you name it. Add a dock she can jump off and she is in heaven. But she will refuse to go out in the rain unless I take her out on a leash and then right back in the house as fast as she can. She also will avoid walking in puddles at all cost. If she has to walk through one she will almost look like she is on her tip toes. As for baths, I gave up. She goes to the groomer.

Skippy loves swimming also. He hates the rain but will go outside to potty on his own then runs back into the house. He loves puddles and runs right through them. Thankfully he doesn't mind baths once I get him in. He runs for cover when he knows he is getting one. But one in the tub he just stands there and enjoys the rub down. He tends to get baths more often because of his love for puddles.

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Barked: Thu Apr 25, '13 5:56pm PST 
My dog can't swim and he avoids water. He does not ever go in puddles. He will jump over them or go around them. On hikes he does everything possible to avoid stepping in streams. He skips across rocks and will attempt to leap across streams. Sometimes he fails and falls in. He acts like he fell into acid when this occurs.

He does not like baths, but is very easy to wash. He stands in one place and lets me dump water on him.