Hand signals for commands?

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What are the basic commands that every dog should know and what hand signals/voice commands do you use for these?
Also add any cute tricks your dog can do and what hand signals you use for them smile

My dog responds much better to hand signals but I don't know which signals I should assign to which commands. Thanks smile

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You can really use any hand signal you want for anything.
It's hard to describe hand signals, but for Chase 'sit' is two fingers extended(hand is palm up, other fingers curled in) and I lift those two fingers. 'Down' is hand flat palm down lowering my hand.
Her hand signal for 'sit pretty' is a... I don't even know how to explain my hand haha. Like a duck head? Pointed at her, and then I lift my hand at the wrist like a duck raising it's head. hahaha Oh gosh, what a description.
Why is it that? I don't know.
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I think you can pick your hand signals as you wish.

Commands that any dog should know:
- come when called
- stay/wait (either sit or stay, as you wish)
- drop it/leave it/no

Useful, if not necessary:
- make space/out of the way
- your leash is tangled, go around that tree again
- heel/walk near the handler
- stop

Alva's signs (I don't post her vocal commands since they're not in English and thus not useful here):
sit: forefinger points upwards
down: stomp my feet or keep my hand flat palm downwards
stand up: wave my hand upwards
come here: clap my thighs (frontside) or spread my arms
heel: clap my left thigh (left side)
finish: make a little horizontal curve with my left hand. This is residue of how I taught her to move into heeling position.
spin: a little horizontal circle with my forefinger. Can be confused with finish command if I ask her to spin counter-clockwise.
stand on the hind legs: lifted hand
limp: palm vertical, Alva targets at it
give paw: hand streched towards Alva's feet, palm upwards
bow: I'm not sure if Alva has learned this signal but for Netta it was a flat horizontal hand palm down moved sideways
jump at me: clap my stomach/chest
roll: a vertical circle drawn with forefinger or hand moved over the dog to the direction she should roll.
weave legs: position of legs
bring me that item: point my finger at it

You can easily see that many of Alva's hand signals are derived from how I lured her to learn the tricks. We do not have to use hand signals in any trials where I live so I do not follow any standard with mine.

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Here's an article that goes over some hand signals. The article is about deaf dogs, but the hand signals listed can be used with a hearing dog just as easily. The article also looks at some of the pitfalls of hand signals (such as being sure they all look dramatically different from one another).

Just click this to get to the article.

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Just want to say how much I admire owners like Alva, Tiller...all of you who actually have officially trained dogs. Amazing really, wish I had the patience to learn how to teach dogs real stuff.applauseapplauseapplause

Sophie especially responds almost intuitively to what I want her to do. Just "Soph" or a clucking sound and she follows, even without a sound she follows. And she understands the inflection of "Don't even THINK about it" They both understand coming to their names and their names sharply spoken means stop what you're doing...but actual commands? No.
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My boys know both verbal and hand signals.

Sit..hand with palm down over head
down or lay dow,...Same as sit only 2 hands extend out
Stay.. Hand pointing down in front of their face, palm facing them.
Shake or give paw... Hand extened out with palm up
In the house, on the couch in the car or where ever I want them to go.... snap my finger and point to the place.
For recall they respond to me saying "Come" or my husband whistling. ( I can't whistle and I don't always have my whistle on me to blow which they also respond to.

There are things that I have no signals for. I just say, get your ball, get your bone, get your tug and they know that if I say get your toy that it means thier kong. they know what I'm talking about.

You just need to use the word over and over until they get it. Just like if you say " wanna go out" or " want a cookie" or " ride in the car" they know what you're saying and respond. Same thing with toys. keep saying bone or ball or whatever and they get to know what it is and then when you say go get your ball or whatever, they bring back the correct item.

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Dogs are hugely sensitive to gesture/posture/movement. So Aslan is right; make sure YOU can reproduce your signs consistently. I use 'come', 'stay', 'sit', 'down', 'stand' by signal... and agility-type commands 'go-on', and all those fun directional cues. I have attempted to send Charks from a sit over a jump just using eye movement... and it worked (good dog Charka! way to go ). The deal is that you can communicate more via hand than the human side of equation is prepared for. I HAVE considered taking some ASL classes to understand how one might design a CanineSignLanguage laugh out loud Maybe after I retire. IMHO, because reproducible gesture is not something humans are good at, we under-communicate with our dogs.

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I think the most basic commands and hand signals you should teach your dog are come, sit, stay, heel and down. I did teach my dog to the stop command where I just hold my hand out as if to stay stop. Also, I am in the process of teaching Peggy to stand on her hind legs. We'll see how it works out. laugh out loud