My one year old female pitbull is starting to show signs of aggression

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Barked: Tue Mar 26, '13 8:03pm PST 
Let me qualify my reply by stating what a lot of folks on here already know... I've got nearly 3 decades in the breed and am still VERY active in showing and pulling.

She's maturing. Some DA is to be expected. That said, you aren't doing her any favors by not adequately exercising her. A couple of hours loose isn't the same as structured exercise.

A tired, well exercised dog is a happy dog. Most of mine do 5-10 miles on the treadmill at least every other day or they become like springs that have been wound too tight. That's on a typical day. If I'm getting them ready for a show or pull, they get worked everyday on a set schedule depending on what they are going to be doing (show, pull, or both).

Second, a basket muzzle is not uncomfortable for a dog to wear. I recently came back from living abroad for nearly 4 years. During certain times of the year, my dog had to wear not only a basket muzzle, but a special cover over it so that it could act as a mask to ensure he wasn't breathing in micro particles of yellow dust/sand. It literally took me a few minutes for me to get him accustomed to wearing it and he quickly caught on that when I brought it out, it meant that we were going outside. On days that the count was up, he wore it every time he stepped outside, even if it was just for a quick potty break. I can pull it out now and he'll happily wag his tail while running to have it put on.

Third, the small dog you said she jumped on had been bothering her previously and on that day. Part of YOUR job is to prevent things like that. I can understand that you'd be somewhat worried that she may do the same to your mini doxie; your best bet is to not let your other dog overly harass her.

Finally, in a well bred APBT, HA is practically non-existent. In general, one form of aggression does not typically lead to the other.

Trigger, you summed up my thoughts. I suspect we're all just banging our heads against the wall here.
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I'm a bit late to this post and gosh! What a dilemma...

First off, the OP asks for help and advice and then shoots everyone down for being truthful... Not nice :o(

Secondly, you might think a muzzle is cruel but you have to get over yourself, as a dog owner, and do what is right for the poor dog... We all have to sometimes.
If going out and experiencing the world means wearing a muzzle, so be it... I would. Because to me, my dogs wellbeing is paramount...

What experiences does your dog get on a daily basis?
It all sounds too routine to me... No new experiences, a couple if hours of playtime in the same space she spends her whole life in, getting hassled by smaller dogs and getting hit for standing up for herself and an owner who doesn't know what's right from wrong and is not willing to look past her own opinions for the sake of her dog... And then, when things get tough, the dog becomes disposable...

Take the advice on the chin, man up and do something for the sake of your dog!

If you don't, things will only get worse and before you know it, the dog ends up where the majority of Pits end up...

Pit Bulls as a breed, need better! These poor dogs have so much against them, please don't add to that.
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