Is Your Dog a Protection Dog?

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Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 8:08pm PST 
I don't mean like a guard dog that specially trained. But what would your pooch do if a stranger came in the house? Sophie is useless in this department. People used to come up to our porch, even inside and she would sleep. Her chair faces the front door and she would lay there, not a sound, not even an eyelid flicker.
A few years ago we had a frightening experience with a deranged relation getting in the house. Through the whole conflict Sophie hid. When it was over and the police left she finally appeared from the basement.
In comparison, tonight a friend came by to pick up mail. He was outside on the steps and Callie began growling. He called to me and Igathered the mail and gave it to my daughter. By now Callie was against the screen door threatening this gentleman with a fast painful death.
Of course I picked up Callie around the middle and hustled him in the house and he quieted right away. But wow, he was guarding us. I feel better knowing that no one is going to get past Mr. Man. We live in an area that alot of people have alarm systems and everything else. But just one sweet feisty dog...it's all good.little angel

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Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 9:02pm PST 
Moose is very protective of the house when he sees people walking outside. His bark is so, so deep and loud that I would think if some bad guy were to hear that, they'd think twice about coming near the house.
At night is when Moose is most protective of the house.

I have no idea what his behavior would be like if I were threatened while out on a walk. And I've never had someone come up to the front door that Moose didn't know, so I don't know how he'd react to that.
If he saw someone walking up, he'd bark like mad, that I do know.
Jackson Tan

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Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 1:19am PST 
Last intruder that broke into my yard left without the seat of his pants. I think that about sums it up. laugh out loud

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Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 2:29am PST 
There was a news segment about this somewhere. When the owners were gone, they had an intruder come into the house and test different breeds of dogs. I don't think any of them were particularly protective.

I think, if an intruder came into my house when I wasn't home, my dogs would greet them or hide. I'd prefer hide so they don't get hurt. My things are replaceable but my dogs are not.

Wait up - hang on!
Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 3:23am PST 
I think a lot of dogs are more bark than bite, they can growl and posture but if it came to it that's all they'd do. Like Indy only ever barks and growls if someone comes into the house of a day-time, but come night-time it's a whole different story. Not sure why there's a difference but he's a lot worse at night than of a day :/
Alva BH

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Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 5:14am PST 
I have no idea. At all. Alva might be happy - "hey, someone came to visit me, can we take a walk? Why are you taking her computer? And her new shoes? This is funny. Can we still go to a walk?" Or she could be suspicious: "What is that creature and why is he swinging a baseball bat at me? He's scary, I must bark and run away!" Or she could surprise us all and stand her ground: "Wait, my master is not here and you're coming in. This is not supposed to be my business but this is *my* home, not yours. You do not belong here so I have to scare you away!"

Alva does bark if she finds someting scary or threatening but she has no guarding instinct at least not when I am at home. And we live in a very calm apartment but when living weeks in my parent's house she has no reaction towards neighbours visiting their yard. But she does have a little bit of suspicion in the bottom of her brain. She knows that not all people are nice and kind. Yet I wonder if she would find a burglar suspicious and take any action.

I once said that if someone broke into my parent's home where Alva has spent a lot of time, their dogs would bark and be very noisy but if the intruder kept coming they would very likely hide under the bed and be very nonexistent. It would be Alva, the non-guard, to protect our property if anyone. She is not ferocious but she isn't so fearful as those other two. Or she would just ignore. But I've heard legends of dogs whose previous behaviour indicated that they would not take any action in an emergency or have any instinct, and then they actually saved the day.

But I do not trust that she would be any obstacle for an intruder.

And if someone dared to attack me. She could run off. Or bark a lot. But would she follow her actions through... I do know that on leash if someone behaves suspiciously at me she will bark loud and low. Maybe a bit too easily which makes me doubt that she would not be helpful if someone really intended to attack me. Be assertive enough and she'll probably back off. Or what would she do if someone grabs me from behind without any suspicious behaviour beforehand?

We had a Belgian Tervueren when I was teen and I was never scared to walk her in the dark. Well, there was not a real danger but you know how your imagination flies when you cannot see if something lurks in the dark. But my safe feel was not because of the fact that this breed was bred to guard and protect their master and his property. It was based more on these facts: a. people are more scared of dogs with dark face and prick ears. They also know that GSDs are bred for protection and a BSD looks like them mixed with something else. b. Netta was a very alert dog. If there was something in the dark she would have indicated it and I could be on my guard or run away in time. That never happened but I was sure she would tell me if there was anything to be alerted. c. She too barked at suspicious people approacing. And when she barked you listened. She could be scary if she wanted.

Well, I'm happy if my dog only barks and behaves threatening towards an intruder yet I hope that one is not too assertive and really drive the dog to decide between bite or not to bite and run off. A dog that really protects to the last breath can be a great responsibility.

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Grace&- Bryce and- Willy

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Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 5:28am PST 
Grace would hide, Dylan would bring a toy and want to play, Bryce would bark,alot, and act real scarey,but dont think he would bite.

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Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 6:35am PST 
Cobain would "protect" me, and has in a few situations.
Luckily we have never had a break-in or anything too dangerous. But I don't live in the best of areas and he sort of picks up on when I feel uneasy about someone and body blocks.

Rigby is definitely more bark than bite. Even with dogs she has a problem with she will "go after" them but not actually put her mouth on them.
And people she doesn't like she will simply keep a distance and use her menacing bark. (Which I've only heard a few times, and it still surprises me to hear such a deep big dog bark out of her laugh out loud)
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Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 11:00am PST 
Mine were bred as Guardians in mind. They are not trained. That's why I like the "King Shepherd". I don't really know if it's a good thing, but I'm torn...........the mailman and the UPS guy won't even come on our porch. They either beep the horn or leave the package on the corner of our porch with an outstretched arm. Once we were robbed (before we had our Kings), and another time someone "TRIED" to rob us, when we weren't home. Needless to say, I pretty sure they left missing something, since there were blood droplets left behind.shock
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 11:27am PST 
Charlie is more bark than bite, but he has stepped forward to try to protect me against unknown strangers approaching me before. Only ever at night, and only ever if they looked menacing. He'd step in front of me, lower his head and start growling at them until he could figure out if they were friend or foe. In the house though, he'd likely hold the flashlight for the burglar, bol.

Ria would cower and hide. She's extremely shy with strangers.

Maya would have barked, growled, and even lunged or snapped at anyone to try to break into my house. Only household people were welcome. Me. My fiance. My mother. Her husband. The kids. That was it. Anybody else tried to enter without prior welcome would be greeted by gnashing teeth and a vicious bark. But she also had a lot of insecurities and had the training behind her to boot. My uncle tried to walk right into my house once, without welcome, and having only met Maya once or twice prior, was a fool to try it. He cracked the door, poked his head in, hollered to me, only to get Maya lunging for him. He slammed the door shut instantly, knocked and waited for me to call her off and go get him, bol. She was fine as soon as I invited him in and told her "Off", but he learned his lesson on not knocking before entering. I always felt safest with Maya and wish she was still here.
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