Rescue Dog Marking

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Barked: Thu Feb 28, '13 5:05am PST 
A little frustrated here. We brought Watson into our home on 02/21, we've had zero issues from day 1. That is, until last night. Let me begin by saying Watson cannot be crated. He throws himself around in the crate and we were concerned about him hurting himself, so we went with a partitioned off area. Last night he got out (must have scaled the gate) and marked all over the living room. In the process, urinating all over a Wii U and PS3 that were sitting on the entertainment center. He also marked Isis' house, which really ticked her off. He is fed on a schedule and walked NUMEROUS times throughout the day. My partner runs a home based business, so he is constantly getting attention, love, and walks.

Watson was taken out at 10pm and played non stop for an hour before bed. He went to bed without any issues and he did potty before going into his area. He has not gone potty in the house at all before last night. I plan on contacting the obedience trainer we have worked with for puppy training this afternoon, and he went in for a checkup when we took him. I should also mention that Watson IS neutered.