Dog acting out when new boyfriend stays over

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Barked: Sat Feb 16, '13 2:16am PST 
I have a 4 year old shepherd collie mix. I got him off the street when he was 6 months old. He didn't start sleeping in bed with me until a year ago. When he was 2.5 years old he started having separation anxiety at night. He would scratch on my door until he just gave up. Now, he generally goes to bed when I do, but sometimes he's restless and acts out to get my attention. Recently I started dating someone and we try to sleep with him in bed with us. The first night or two was fine. But the last few times Niko has been so freaking annoying. He's acting out on purpose. Getting in the trash in my room. He won't lay still unless he has a bone. If I try to move or adjust him he thinks we're wrestling. He barks to go outside. Even if I let him out for a bit he's still insane when I let him in. If I shut him out, even with toys and treats, he scratches on my door and whines incessantly. I don't know what to do besides get more valerian root chill pills for dogs. I'm not sure if its an exercise issue. He's not aggressive with the boyfriend ever. Just wants to be around us and play all the time. He won't sleep on the floor unless be wants to. He doesnt act this bad when its just me and him. Like he's showing off for company. I don't know what else to do. I'm ready to get him some dog Xanax or something to knock him out at night. Help!!
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Your dog doesn't need drugs. You say your dog is acting out on purpose. I hate to break it to you, but that's not the case and your dog isn't out to get you. He's BORED. And he's got a lot of energy and the added excitement of a guest is likely what's setting him off into the 'annoying' behavior.

Your dog needs more exercise and to be less bored. He sounds like he has pent up energy, a lot of boredom, and wants to play with the two of you. Perhaps the guest(boyfriend) is what is setting it off, because dogs get more excitable when there's someone else around. Particularly when they get used to them.

How much do you exercise him and how much mental stimulation does he get? Tiring him out before bed will probably help, but he likely won't settle much until he's getting tired out more, and is more used to the new boyfriend being around.

Again, it just sounds like a bored, playful pooch with some pent up energy that needs to be released. And it's likely showing up more when your new boyfriend is over because that revs up a dogs excitement.

Did you assume separation anxiety simply from him scratching at your door before? My dogs both do this and Charlie no longer has separation anxiety, and Ria never did. They just like to have the door open if I'm in the house with them, rather than being locked away from me.

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Sam, I think she was being sarcastic about the doggy drugs. laugh out loud


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A friend found a new partner many years ago after living alone with her GSD. That dog would creep into bed between them gently pushing boyfriend to the floor...Dog would also stand at the top of the stairs with a heavy rawhide and "accidently" drop it down when boyfriend walked through...critters can make statements sometimeslaugh out loud