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Koorazh barks. Some days he is very quiet, but when there is any form of external stimulation, he barks. He barks at squirrels, he barks in response to other dogs (and almost all the houses near us have dogs), he barks at people walking down the street, or, heaven forbid, people walking down the street with a dog. Sometimes he just barks, a bark every ten seconds, which we have jokingly compared to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Sometimes he lays on his side on the ground, and barks, one bark every ten seconds. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen.

I have tried everything I can think of. When he barks, I bring him in for at least twenty minutes or a half an hour. We play the "in an out" game all day, and since we have done it for years now, I think it is not working. At one point I tried a citronella spray collar. He learned that if he runs while barking, the spray just blows away in the wind. I even briefly tried a no bark shock collar against all my better judgment. It didn't work. If it was set to distraction level, he ignored it. I upped it until he yipped in pain, but I couldn't stand it.

On a typical day he either gets 2.5 miles of walk and some squeaky ball time or he goes to a doggy daycare while I go to work and plays with thirty or so other dogs. I only let him in the yard between 9 am and about 4:30 pm (and try to let him out later on weekends). He is never in the yard when I am not home.

My concern is that we have neighbors with whom we've had other problems. And wouldn't you know it, that's the fence line he likes to go down and bark at, because there is a dog in the house on the other side that he thinks he needs to communicate with.

I am at a loss on how to shape this behavior.

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It's important to determine the cause for the barking so that it can be addressed. If your dog is reacting to so many different stimuli, it could be that he's over stimulated.

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Have you tried much shorter time outs, like 5 minutes? I don't think he is getting the connection that barking means he loses outside time, so a shorter time out might help him make that connection. Have you tried teaching him to bark on cue? Teach him to bark on cue, then teach him a quiet cue. This can help to give you more control over his barking.

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Either he is not getting the connection with time outs or he doesn't care too much. I'll try a shorter duration.

Hard to teach him to bark on cue or a quiet command because he very rarely barks inside the house. Outside of the house where he is barking in response to external stimuli, he is so excited by what he is barking about that it is hard to engage his attention for training. He doesn't bark in play.

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Does he bark like that inside the house? Does he need to be outside so much? If the stimulation is too much for him, perhaps you should keep him inside.