9 Month old 'rescue'

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Barked: Mon Jan 21, '13 9:38pm PST 
I have a lab/husky mix, 9/10 months old, that I need some advice about training. He's not really a rescue, but that's a long story. He is like a rescue in that he's close to a year old, but he's had almost no training/socialization yet.

He's intact, if that accounts for any of his behaviors, though I don't think so. I'm getting him neutered next month, I'm not leaving him intact, and in the meantime he's not allowed around any intact females.

Okay, so some of the problems I've been having are that he likes to play roughly with my mother's chihuahua (I'm 17, but yes, he is mine, financially, emotionally, in every way that counts) and with our cats. He's just playing, there's no aggressive tendencies or anything like that, but his size alone is enough for him to hurt them. So how can I teach him to leave them alone?

As far as housetraining, he basically is, but he doesn't give a warning sign-no circling, sniffing, nothing, so it's impossible to predict when he'll have an accident. I treat him like a puppy, taking him out every two hours, after every meal, and still he has accidents, with no way for me to know that he's about to start going to the bathroom. Is there some way I can train him to tell me he needs to go out?

Also, I thought he was pretty well socialized, because we've had people over a lot, and he welcomes them all, but tonight someone came over and he seemed sorta scared/sorta playful. He bounced around him, barking, and would go up to sniff him when he wasn't paying attention, but if the guy went to pet him, he'd jump and run away. I know he's past his "window of opportunity" for socialization that they have as puppies, so what should I do to socialize him?

I'd appreciate any help and advice confused

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Buddy, in play I would not allow him to get out of control. When things start to escalate, that is time for a bit of a chill in a crate or a baby gated room with a king/bully stick/smoked bone/something wonderful. Believe it or not, these dogs can and do learn self control when we help them do it.

For the peeing, have you tried tethering him to you? Is he crate trained and crated when you can not 100% supervise?

As to his fear issues, there are a lot of things you can do to help that. Puppies do have socialization windows, but they don't slam shut at a certain age. They may be a bit harder to open, they may stick a little, but the opportunity is still there.

Try providing him with a safe place when people come by. Make interactions with new people positive. This is for aggressive dogs, but I have found that many of the exercises that help aggressive dog can also be useful for fear or impulse control issues.

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