CGC- We passed!

This is a place to gain some understanding of dog behavior and to assist people in training their dogs and dealing with common behavior problems, regardless of the method(s) used. This can cover the spectrum from non-aversive to traditional methods of dog training. There are many ways to train a dog. Please avoid aggressive responses, and counter ideas and opinions with which you don't agree with friendly and helpful advice. Please refrain from submitting posts that promote off-topic discussions. Keep in mind that you may be receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a trainer or behaviorist!

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Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Wed Dec 5, '12 10:56am PST 
Congrats!!! cheercheer
Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Wed Dec 5, '12 5:55pm PST 
There's no such thing as a small step in the rungs of a ladder...congratulations!!!!! Onward and upward smile
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Thu Dec 6, '12 1:04am PST 
Most excellentay! way to go

Tyson Savage- CGC

Let's do big dog- stuff!
Barked: Thu Dec 6, '12 8:00am PST 
Don't ever say "it doesn't seem like much" because it IS much! It's such an important basic test, and you would be amazed at how many dogs CAN'T pass it. Tyson and I started classes early on (he was six months) and it was about a year later that we took and passed. Be a proud parent you deserve it!

Barked: Sun Dec 9, '12 7:47am PST 
Congrats Ellie!
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Sun Dec 9, '12 11:24am PST 
Congrats! Sarah just got hers last month. She's had the obedience part for awhile now, but struggled with the 'reaction to another dog' and the separation. It was a lot of work (but enjoyable work) for both of us! You should be very proud!
Augusta,- CGC, RN

Such a Good Dog!
Barked: Sun Dec 9, '12 12:06pm PST 
Great job! blue dogpartypartypartycheerapplause You should order some CGC bling from their site to show off!
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