Mr. Mouthy, advice please

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It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Fri Nov 30, '12 6:30pm PST 
Callie is doing terrific, getting on well with the cats and excellent with Sophie. Lap dog with all the humans in the house, learning to walk so well onleash and getting more comfortable out in public.

The only issue is still his being mouthy. It isn't aggressive but more being excited. When Sophie is wound up she'll do zoomies through the house and ballet leaps towards me. He gets all happy and nips while he jumps.

I understand I'm supposed to turn away and completely ignore him until he asks for attention nicely. The trick is keeping from his choppers in the process. I know he thinks he's playing with me like he plays with Sophie. If he gets too rough with her she has this great "Ruffgrrruffruffruff" and he backs right off.

Maybe I have to start barking? Suggestions?

Pocket Wolf
Barked: Fri Nov 30, '12 6:52pm PST 
Well, you might teach him a "wait" or "heel"

Foxxy had to be taught this so she would stop doing standing vertical leaps when we came home. She's good at them, but we don't want other people coming in and getting that treatment. A grinning chihuahua that can spring up to chest height is a bit intimidating, and risky to have underfoot.

anyway. "wait" is our command. It springs to my mouth easier than heel. They wait at the tops of stairs, they "wait" at the door, they "wait" when we come home. It simply means sit and look at me until I give you permission to go.

Now, we come home, and if they get too excited, we tell them "wait" until we are in a better and calmer frame of mind to greet them safely. No more stepped on paws, or accidentally kicked ribs, or squished under whatever we have in our hands, or tripping the humans.

they also know "I step" which means "get out of my immediate space"

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Barked: Sat Dec 1, '12 6:57am PST 
Koby was very mouthy and occasionally still is. He "LOVES" balls, so I distract him by giving him his favorite ball. It works very well. Normally he's mouthy when he wants you to play with him. Good Luck!


It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Sat Dec 1, '12 1:43pm PST 
Thanks, I have had some success with seltzer bottles, empty of course and without the cap. We have empties all the time so I just collect them now. When he gets in a bitey mood the bottles are like a pacifier, he sits and happily crunches it all up then he's peaceful again.hamster dance