2 dogs in 1 crate

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Hello All,

I am wanting to put my two dogs in the same crate at night. My question is, is that a good idea? Here's some history first.

I have a beagel mix and a lab mix. I adopted them from the animal shelter. They were roomies at the shelter for about 2 months before we adopted them (its why we decided to adopt both together) Anyhow, they are both good with eachother however when feeding time come Max (my lab mix) has been known to snap at Miley (beagel mix) although I haven't noticed him doing that in the past 2 weeks or so actually. Also we have a dog house outside for them and Max doesn't let Miley go in the house (once in awhile he will). SO my question is if I buy an extra extra large crate should I house them together? I also was hoping this would help Max understand he needed to share the outside dog house too. But will this have an opposite negative effect? (fighting etc)

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I would advise against it, especially if Max has been resource guarding against Miley. When desensitized and trained to the crate properly, many dogs view it as their 'den', it's their space to escape and relax and be left alone. Putting both of them in there would not only take THAT ability away from them, but it would also leave them open to fights and various other problems cropping up - such as if Max began guarding that too.

It's SAFER to get them two separate crates and put them side by side instead. I've had a dog who was a resource guarder and he did so with food, toys, bones, crate, furniture, etc - although he was an extreme case, if I had ever put another dog in the crate with him, I fear what would have come of it. My current Beagle, Charlie, is epileptic and I wouldn't risk it with him either.

The risks and cons outweigh the pros in my opinion and it would be better for your dogs to have a space to call their own for when they need a break too.

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Our Pug and Min Pin share a crate in our bedroom. And our two Labs share an outdoor kennel run during the day at times. Neither pairing has ever been a problem.

That said, it all depends on the pairing.

If there was ever a stitch of aggression shown for whatever reason I wouldn't trust it. If there has already been an issue with them outside of a confined space, near guaranteed there's going to be one in a confined space.

I think your best bet OP is to get another crate and set them up side by side. Outside, getting another dog house instead of expecting them to be ok sharing that space is likely to go over much more smoothly.


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Definitely give them individual crates. If at some point they CHOOSE to sleep together and both are comfortable with it, then fine. But forcing them to bunk together could create friction.
When we dogsit, I always put 2 beds side by side. Sometimes in the morning, Lupi will be cuddling with her visiting bud, but other times they've had enough of eachother by nighttime and need some space!

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"It's SAFER to get them two separate crates and put them side by side instead"

agreeway to go I have two small dogs both have there own crates and I put them side be side when I leave them. Since my Yorkie Bella has separation anxiety and it seems to help her calm down with Mozart next to her since normally he is calmer when I leave them. I personally would never crate two dogs in one crate no matter how big the crate was or how much they loved each other, I would just think that if you had 2 dogs in one crate there is always a possiblity for one dog to hurt the other dog. Most dogs like crates as it feels like a den to them, I don't think they should have to share their den it should be their own personal space just for themway to go

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If you have any indication that this may be an issue, and you already said you do, then this is a really bad idea. I would not try this with any of my current dogs. I had 2 terrier bitches years ago that happily snuggled up together, and my Dane and BC regularly shared space but some dogs really don't like it.