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ReSocializing an Adult Dog

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Barked: Sun Oct 28, '12 11:14am PST 
We just adopted our adorable boy a few weeks ago. I walk him and Sophie at different times. It works because they can have alone time with me and have different walking styles. Sophie is full speed ahead, then she walks beautifully off leash in the park.
Callie stays leashed at all times but walks so much easier than Sophie. He trots for awhile but can spend a half hour sniffing a grass plot.

With Sophie onleash she is dog reactive. A great walk is when we don't encounter any other dogs the whole time she is onleash. Off leash she's instant best friends with other dogs. Callie is the opposite, other dogs onleash aren't a big deal at all.

The problem is people. Interesting that he seems fine with children. No fear and he sits happy to be petted. But people that we pass on the street, bus stop, anywhere...he sounds like a bully nightmare with growling. There are people he ignores too, and some adults stop and tell him how pretty he is and he almost purrs being petted.

I'm thinking maybe with his distinctive face that he's used to the hate stare from people. So maybe he's just grumbling back??? It doesn't seem to be a particular look or gender, just strangers in general. There are dog friendly businesses in town. Perhaps just socializing him gradually in small stores where the people will be real positive with him.

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Barked: Sun Oct 28, '12 12:02pm PST 
I think you have good ideas. I would also walk her separately from your overreactive dog. Slowly, slowly is the way to socialize an adult dog. We have done this with a 2 year-old DA dog, a sharp adolescent herder, and are doing it with a timid stray who is afraid of men. All prefer children as well. Let her approach people, use positive and dog-knowledgeable people, such as the owners of pet boutiques. All these dogs of mine missed their formative early socialization periods.

You're on the right track! big grin