Help Me with Mr. Mouthy

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Barked: Fri Oct 19, '12 6:54pm PST 
As some of you know we recently adopted a new pup. He's fit in wonderfully with the family and Sophie seems pleased to have a new playmate and partner in crime.
The only issue is his being "mouthy". It isn't aggression. It seems to be part of his play style. It only happens when I first come in the house. Sophie seems to calm herself by greeting me with a squeaky in her mouth. It even seems that she is trying to teach him, when I come in she'll run up and bonk him on the butt with the squeaky so he'll grab hold and chomp on it too.
They are both high energy and very attached to me. I just need to teach him that you don't nip at people EVER...he's a box headed bully...you can't believe the size puppy toofins that are in there...But like I said he's shown no signs of aggression to anybody. Just need suggestions on what commands will teach him to be a bit more self calming. little angel