Litter box training

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Sassy Lola
Barked: Thu Oct 11, '12 11:12am PST 
Lulu and Lola are 5 months and I'm having trouble in litter box training... They go at times. However they seem to be going more out than in... I try very hard not to get mad when they have accidents and praising them and giving them treats when they do go in litter box... I have a 16 month old chihuahua that is very good about going. I figure that the puppies would pick it from her but no luck... I had a chihuahua mix that picked it up pretty quick... It's taking much longer with the puppies.
Princesse- Lily CGN

I am RoyalChi!
Barked: Thu Oct 11, '12 2:00pm PST 
Hi Lola and welcome

You are on the right track with the treats and not punishing them for accidents.

What worked for me was keeping Princesse baby gated in the kitchen or the living room with the litter box. I use puppy pads in the litter box. 5 months is still pretty young to be reliable. Remember that tiny dogs have tiny bladders and may need to go quite often. If you keep them and the litter box wherever you are, you should be able to catch them before they go and put them in the litter box. When you are not home, limit them to a small space with the litter box. If they do have an accident , clean it up with natures miracle or vinegar and water as soon as possible. Just keep it up and they will get itsmile

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Barked: Thu Oct 11, '12 4:42pm PST 
Yeah sometimes it just gets frustrating... But they are our doggies so I guess I will continue to be more patient