Help! My husband needs some help about housetraining.

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My husband did a little bit of dog training in his past but no house training at all. So he thinks he knows what he is doing and will not listen to me. Unfortunately he thinks that shoving the puppies face in its urine right after it goes will stop it from peeing. That has just created the puppy to be scared of my husband, so now if my husband tries to pet the puppy or give him a treat he submissively pee's. Well my husband thinks that it is on purpose because the puppy is squatting.

I guess what I am looking for are some good articles to have my husband read about not 'punishing' the dog for peeing in the house, just to take it outside and clean up the mess. Hopefully that also creates better feelings between my hubby and the pup. I learned from a bunch of forums and research i did on my own but i don't remember where I read it from.


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