Dog peed on her bed then started licking it up

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Barked: Tue Aug 16, '11 5:58pm PST 
Today coco peed on her bed and I caught her licking it up. She is fully house trained and hasn't had any accidents in over a year. She is spayed and has had UTI as well as incontinence( she is being treated for this). I have an appointment booked for tomorrow at the vet. I guess my main concern is why would she drink her urine? The vet tech in the phone seemed quite alarmed at this. Do females "mark" by peeing? I have never yelled at her or scolded when she had accidents as a pup, so I don't think she was cleaning it up based on fear. She didn't stop when I caught her.

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Barked: Tue Aug 16, '11 6:31pm PST 
Hmm that is a little weird. BUT my friend's Chihuahua licks up her pee ALL the time. She has incontinence and pee leaks out when she gets excited - so when a little pee leaks out she goes back to lick it up like she's cleaning up the evidence. Even if you haven't scolded your dog, she may know that the house/bed is the wrong place to pee. The incontinence and/or UTI may be why yours peed?

Also yes females mark by peeing. Or at least mine does. And my friend's chihuahua. They were both spayed late and I think retained the marking habit. My dog has peed in her bed before and I scolded her and she stops when I catch her. So I dunno about your situation specifically.

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Barked: Tue Aug 16, '11 7:28pm PST 
Nix also licks up his pee when he has accidents. I think he does it for one of two reasons. Either he's trying to keep his space clean, or he knows he's not supposed to pee inside, and is trying to clean it up... but I think it's more likely he's just trying to keep his space clean. He has no reason to be scared of being caught peeing in the house. All we do is say "no" and take him out right away.

Sounds like she's just trying to clean up her bed. It's natural for dogs to want to keep their sleeping place clean, and if accidents happen and they don't see any other way to clean it, they eat/drink it. Ava's done it too... silenced