Dealing with an aggressive 8 month old Vizsla

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Hi, I'm a dog walker and I walk this dog which is 8 months old. It's a Hungarian Vizsla. It's a nice dog and is good off lead with a good recall. It started when you put the lead back on to take it home that it his behavior changed. He would bite (not hard) your arm and hand and jump all over you like a spoilt dog taking a tantrum - it was shocking to look at, I looked like I was being attacked. If I told it off his behavior would get worse so I generally tried to ignore it.

So i was given some advice to let if off lead and play then put on lead for a while and reward him (if he was good) by taking it off again so he could play. This was last couple of weeks that this took place.

Now I walk this dog three times a week and this week he is even worse, I noticed that he is getting worse every time I visit but dont have the knowledge to give his owners.

So with his behavior is getting worse and I mean his eyes go psycho when he does it and he jumps all over me trying to find something to bite and get his jaw around and while his bites aren't that hard I do have scratches and cuts on my arm where he was biting and I was wearing a thick jacket at the time.

But now it's not just when you put him on lead that he does it, he began getting aggressive to my brother and I when it was off lead when the other dog we had wasn't letting him have the ball.

Today I had him alone and a couple of times he started this aggressiveness so held my arms close to my chest and kept my back to him at all times and after a while he stopped, I dont know why he was doing it but I'm sure it was cause he wanted something that I wasnt giving. So I'm pretty sure he does this cause he has been taught that this behavior gets him what he wants.

On the walk home he did it and it is not easy to turn your back on him, so I need some advice and especially to stop him getting worse.

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Is he food or toy motivated? If so start carrying some diced up yummy treats or a favorite toy. When he starts to get amped, let him know you have the goodies, then ask for simple behaviors such as come, sit, or target to earn them. this should put him in a positive frame of mind and distract him from his bratty behavior, but you are still calling the shots.
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This is not aggression. Not even close to aggression.

This is an overstimulated puppy who is starting to get into the teen-aged stage where they may start pushing buttons or being more pushy.

This type of behavior is very typical... but you really have to talk to the family about it... are THEY experiencing the same behavior? how are they addressing it? Before you do anything, see what they are doing...


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Thanks for the replies.

Yes he is very motivated by food, and I have tried the suggestion of distracting him with treats but his priority is not food especially when he is on lead, it's to get the lead off and he wont follow commands which he is generally very good at otherwise.

He behaves just as bad with the owners. The remedy she told me she does is to stop walking and wait till he's calm and then walk on, I dont know, cause I'm sure it's being reinforced, it cant be getting worse every week unless he's being rewarded for it, can it?
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I would say talk to a professional that works with aggressive dogs, have the dog evaluated.

and even if its just a tantrum if everyone is on the same page with waiting out the episode, it will get worse before it gets better. He is going to try everything in his power to get his way but once he realizes nothing is working he should stop. But everyone has to be consistent.

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This dog needs to stimulated mentally and physically. Def. not aggression, pretty normal puppy play. Previous suggestions were very good.
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As an owner of two vizslas, this adolescent needs a job, not just a walk. He sounds understimulated and bouncing off the walls. Nothing abnormal about that. He needs real mental and physical stimulation to burn off that excess energy. He is a hunting dog bred to run in the fields all day long and work as a team.

This is a wonderful video of what it's like to live with a vizsla. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSm5-e7uga4

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Nobody may see this as this thread is quite old. I agree - sounds like this dog needs MORE exercise. Walking is not sufficient for a vizsla. He/she needs to be RUN DAILY, not walked three times a week. We had a vizsla for almost 14 years and ran him daily. Never experienced anything like what these people are experiencing. Wondering if they ever saw an improvement in behavior?