Heavy Duty Dog Gates?

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Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 5:22pm PST 
I have a two year old husky. He was crated while we were out for the first 9 months after we got him. We moved to a new state and crated him for awhile, then got a gate to keep him in the kitchen. He was totally content in the kitchen for about 2-3 months, then figured out how to pop the gate open. He was not destroying anything, so we allowed him to use the whole house during the day. After 2-3 months without problems, he started moving things and chewing on them- shredding paper, chewing DVDs, carrying coasters across the living room, etc. We decided to put him back in the kitchen and took extra measures to secure the gate. He chewed and destroyed the plastic latch of the gate, chewed on a chair placed in the way, and knocks the entire gate out of the doorway. He doesn't chew at all when we're home and hasn't shown any signs of separation anxiety prior to this! Suggestions? Insight on tougher gates to keep him in the kitchen?
Tanuk CGC

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Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 5:53pm PST 
Tanuk gave our plastic baby gates a test nibble, but that was enough for me to seek a stronger option. I ended up ordering a metal pass through baby gate. Cannot for the life of me remember where I got it, but I'm sure you'll get results using google. Just look for a metal one. Although, I'd also suggest just gating him again. Whenever Tanuk acts out like that, if we restrict him for a week or so, he gets the message and goes back to good behavior.

P.S. Has his exercise decreased any? Maybe try increasing it and see if that helps? Have you tried leaving a Kong filled with frozen food in it to occupy him?
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Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 6:49pm PST 
We have two EvenFlo Summit baby gates to keep the dogs in their part of the house, away from the cat food and my husband's office. The gates are pressure mounted, but sturdy and are mostly metal. I got them to stop the dogs from climbing them as puppies, since they have vertical bars... no place for paws to hang onto. They are only about hip-high, so they can get over them these days if they really wanted to. We got ours at Walmart for about $40 each

I second Tanuk's exercise and Kong suggestions. It sounds like he's a bit bored and taking it out on your belongings. Whenever our guys act up, it's usually just a matter of an extra mile on the walk and some more time spent on mental games and they're back to their (mostly) nondestructive ways. I also give my guys a Kong filled with catfish or tilapia, frozen for a couple hours, if I need to have them occupied for a decent amount of time. It won't last all day, maybe a couple hours if you're lucky, but it's a good distraction.