shiba aggression

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Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 12:22pm PST 
Ginger is a well trained shiba who is just at one year old. She has made much progress with her 'guarding' issues but we are stuck on the intensity. She has learned not to bite, and she will walk away from what she guarding on command. We have successfully weaned her off of toys but her food bowl and her treat cube are simply obsessions for her. She softle growls when we come near those two things. I do feed her by hand off and on at meals times. But when I have her cube she follows it with her eyes and won'tchange her focus - even when we call her name. She will come, but her eyes never leave that cube. Do I just keep training and push through this little plateau or is this perhaps a bigger issue.

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Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 1:19pm PST 
Does she have a trade cue? Have you read Mine! by Jean Donaldson?
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I would try trading for a treat she would die for. Something she just can't resist.

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I would put the cube away for at least a month.

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I agree with Asher, read Mine!

And with guest, just remove the coveted object for a bit. Our male shiba used to be really possessive over his bowl. So we started feeding him by hand only... never bringing the bowl back into the equation and he really got better with feedings.

We started feeding him from a kong while I held it too. Time consuming, but it helps.

We feed raw now (no bowl needed) and he has made such progress that I can walk over him while he's working on raw meat/bones, I can take things away from him (and trade) and I can trust him now!