why is "babying" dogs a bad thing?

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Jessica CGC

Will work for- food
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:03pm PST 
I was at the paint store today and my dogs were in the car. The store owner walked me out to help carry the paint cans. My 2 dogs were in the car.

He said he owned dogs also. Anyway he took one look at Jessie's behavior. She was whining because she was happy to see me. He said "you baby her too much" He didn't say it in an annoyed way, he was being helpful.

I cuddle Jessie a lot, she likes to sit in my lap, she gets under my covers at night and I let her, I baby talk to her....is that babying her? Is any of that bad? I do take care of her "dog" needs first and foremost though.

I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:06pm PST 
Haha, what a stupid thing to say. Just because your dog is happy to see you, is somehow a bad thing?

Cuddling, sleeping together, etc, doesn't sound like 'babying' to me. Spoon feeding your dog human food, dressing it up in different outfits everyday complete with matching collar and shoes, and not giving it any rules because it's a "precious snowflake" to me is 'babying' the dog. shrug
Mr. Kite "Sumo"

being for the- benefit of mr.- kite.
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:08pm PST 
as long as your dogs are obedient, it shouldnt matter what
other people have to say about them!


Black dogs rock!
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:08pm PST 
As long as she has rules , whats the harm? Whats the point of having dogs if you cant do all that stuff with them? laugh out loud

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:11pm PST 
I agree with Lilith way to go

In my opinion as long as you allow a dog to be a dog and meet all their basic needs, then there is nothing wrong in "babying" your dog wink
Jessica CGC

Will work for- food
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:12pm PST 
BOL at "precious snowflake". That would be what the cat thinks of herselflaugh out loud

yeah I don't go nuts..but I wondered about if it effects Jessie's separation anxiety..although that's getting better.

Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:17pm PST 
I cuddle with both my dogs, they both sleep on my bed, and they are both happy to see me. I don't understand how loving your dog is babying them? Should your dog be sitting calmly or hiding from you? I don't get what that ignorant person was trying to say.

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:54pm PST 
BOL, your dog is babied because she's happy to see you? That's just silly!

I don't baby Mulder at all (at least according to the definitions here... sleeping with/cuddling... I baby talk sometimes, but its not like he knows what the heck I'm saying), and he's always super excited to see me when I come home.

Your dog loves you... nothing at all wrong with that cloud 9
Pippin CGC

King- Dingleberry!
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 6:19pm PST 
I don't know if the o.p. babies her dogs or not but there is a reason not to baby/shelter them too much...It doesn't help them build confidence which can make for a fear aggressive dog.frown
Duppy- Conquerer- ~*CGC*~

cesorship wont- silence my bark
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 6:33pm PST 
I agree with Pippin.

But, there's nothing wrong with showering your dog with love and affection, as long as you set boundaries for the dog and enforce them.

Duppy whines a little when I leave him, or if he's blocked from getting to me. It usually carries on for, oh, a minute. I think that's normal. He doesn't go nuts, or go over the top with it. It's usually pretty quiet too. I always feel kinda guilty actually, because it's really rather cute and funny the way he does it. If that's because I babied him too much, well, I'm ok with that! I've dealt with SA dogs before, and that's when you have a problem.
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