Resource Guarding With Other Dogs

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tennis ball- destroyer
Barked: Mon Jun 22, '09 8:54pm PST 
Soo... Teddy has some issues, regarding resource guarding. But not with people, but with other dogs. Well, except Noel. Even shares his kong and such with her. But... once at the DP he and a GSP were playing tug with a frisbee (he was playing with the frisbee and the GSP came up and grabbed it), and he got really growly and hackles raised and body really, really stiff. We left after that. He seemed really stressed so I just took him away.

He's also gotten into a scuffle at Day Care over a tennis ball (which he really shouldn't have in the first place! we're trying to work on that but daycare has made it really hard), apparently. Ugh! I really don't want him even going there but my mom insists, though luckily he's only going once a week now.

Anyway.. I need help on how to deal with this. It's kind of embarrasing, I really have no idea what to do, because it's with dogs not people... red face *sigh* Heeelllp?
Pippin CGC

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Barked: Mon Jun 22, '09 9:02pm PST 
Honestly, the best thing I've found in regards to correcting resource guarding is controlling the resources.shrug
Dr. Watson

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Barked: Mon Jun 22, '09 10:27pm PST 
I have run into this with 2 of my male Goldens once they were mature. Watt only rgs from his brother and sis, not friend-dogs, even those that we have dogsat. And never from people.

Besided controlling the resources and management, you just have to keep on training......I think and hope!


tennis ball- destroyer
Barked: Mon Jun 22, '09 10:50pm PST 
Ahh Dr. Watson that is weird because it's just started happening a couple weeks or so ago... and my sister just told me he didn't like sharing toys with her two puppies (Romeo and Lily) either, only Noel. SO that is like 3 months ago! Ah I wish she would have told me sooner... *sigh*

So now... No more toys around the puppies... Or any other dogs that may come around. But if there ever is... lots of praise when good and when he's not take the toys away? And Try to convince my mom no more daycare.
Dr. Watson

Not a wiener- dawg!
Barked: Mon Jun 22, '09 11:11pm PST 
Does daycare know about this? Maybe they could work with him, too.thinking

We actually don't have a lot of toys left loose. Either one of the 3 is inside and gets to play by him/herself or they have a toy for crating. And we don't crate a lot. More like for a biggo management problem....but mostly for illness, recovery from surgery, etc.

I just think it's weird that Watt doesn't care if another dog spends the night and grabs toys or gets on the sofa, but he can be kind of obnoxious with his siblings. And he only has this problem inside the house. thinking

We don't really use toys for a 'calming down thing.' Maybe it would be nice if somedog would chew on a bone while we were watching some exciting TV show, but they all know what "That will be all!" and
"Fonzies! 3 little Fonzies!" means.

Watt otherwise has great manners with dogs. He taught his pesty sister the proper 'bite inhibition' stuff for dog mouth-wrasslin' purposes.

Someone else on Dogster (but I can't remember who), said they had seen this crop up in mature male Goldens.

It's so strange because you can take anything away from him. The first thing I taught him as a puppy was 'Drop It" and he literally spits stuff out. Sometimes all it takes is 'a look' from his mommy, BOL! laugh out loud

And unlike the other 2, he generally won't try to steal a toy that I've put away off a shelf........his Golden brain works in mysterious ways...shrug

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Barked: Tue Jun 23, '09 5:44am PST 

I feel your pain – Fred is a resource guarder with dogs only.
Like others stated its all about management at first.
Fred wasn’t like this till he got close to 2 years of age.

I have started very slowly with de sensitizing methods with toys.
I first started with toys in the crates – they are only in the crate to eat but they can smell and see each other play with them since the crates are right next to each other.

Instead of using a new toy, which could create more excitement or an old toy which they have their favorites I made a toy! I made it long enough both dogs had plenty of mouthing room to each grab a hold. I took and old towel and cut strips and braided it and knotted it on each end – like a long rope. I took them outside to play with it since “inside” the house is a boiling point when it comes to toys.
They played well for about 4 mins and I walked around to ensure no one laid down with the rope. Then I picked it up. I do this several times a week and now we are up to having it out for 10 mins at a time with no negative body language or behavior while the toy is out. PS. I made two of them but the other one just lays in the grass – what one has the other wants!

Eventually we will work up to playing with the ropes in the living room and hopefully add one of the old toys back in but who knows.

I wish there was step by step manuals on how to get your dogs to share toys but I still haven’t found one. I did read the book Mine! But it was geared more towards dogs with human guarding issues.