Need a harness they can't slip out of

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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 1:28pm PST 
I need a reasonably priced harness that the boxers can't slip out of because they have done this a lot.

Oh--these are going to be for bike riding and such, not for walks so i want them to be soft

I like the fleece lined hemp harnesses from planet dog and I think these are the same things, but I am not sure, it seems to good to get two for $38, but it would be amazing since I need two!!!
fleece-lined hemp harness

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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 3:18pm PST 
What harnesses have they been slipping? Most people who have dogs who escape use the ones that connect at the top or bottom only. I've never heard of anyone escaping from those like the fleece lined one that you showed, which connect at top and bottom.

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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 3:52pm PST 
the one we have is a no pull one that slips on over the head and has a draw string on the top-it is by sporn i think is how you spell it.

Am I reading the ad correctly, 2 for $38?

normally the planet dog ones are lke $25 a piece


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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 5:43pm PST 
or would this one be better?

step in harness
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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 5:48pm PST 
The step in seems to be one of the easiest for them to step out of... The Lupine ones with TWO buckles are great... if fit correctly we have never seen any dog get out of one of those in our boarding/grooming clients.
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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 6:25pm PST 
Layla the harness you linked to in your first post does seem to be the Planet Dog harness, I can see the Planet Dog logo at the top of it.

I have heard the Ruffwear Webmaster harness works really well for dogs who can get out of their harnesses. It is also a great harness for biking and other activities like that.

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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 11:18pm PST 
i know that the makers of the Sense-ation harness can custom make harnesses for hard to fit dogs...
Good luck!

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Barked: Sun Apr 26, '09 4:27am PST 
The ruffwear would be good if it weren't so expensive and if I didn't think it would make them to hot. We have life jackets for the dogs made by them and they work very well

the harness we have now is very thin and not well made-like really flimsy, so its no wonder they can get out of it when they back up.

I want a harness because i don't want it pulling on their necks but I don't know if the step in one would be safe on their ligaments under their legs.

walkezee harness has hooks on the side this night work because it has connectors all over so I could hook them up different ways, i don't know how much it is though, I have to convert it.

I don't know if they would be able to slip out of the planet dog one if they pulled backwards-what do you think??