VERY clingy dog

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Barked: Fri Feb 22, '08 11:56am PST 
My 4 year old Am. Bulldog has suddenly become extremely clingy. She will follow me from room to room and just sit there and stare at me. I can't vacuum or do the dishes without her right behind me. If I shut my bedroom door at night to sleep, she whines and whines. If I take a bath or shower she waits for me. It's driving me insane. I'm always tripping over her. She gets walked regularly but it doesn't even seem to deter her when she's tired. She was never like this before, she's always been a very self-sufficient dog.

I know it's probably due to some sudden life changes (my husband just deployed and she was pretty much in love with him) but is there anything I can do? Should I get her more toys? Walk her even more?

Also, I'm pregnant..does that have anything to do with her sudden clinginess?

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Barked: Fri Feb 22, '08 4:35pm PST 
Have you tried doing some simple training with her?

I agree that it is most likely due to the changes, and some nice positive reinforcement based training could give her a bit of confidence.

I would also suggest trying to get things on a routine with her. That may provide some more security.

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Barked: Fri Feb 22, '08 5:05pm PST 
I agree that getting her into a routine will help. When we first brought Abby home she was very clingy, because she really didn't know what to do since it was a new situation for her. Once she got into her new routine, she became much more self-sufficient.

Roxy is probably a little worried about why her dad's not around anymore, and I'm sure you being pregnant has brought about some daily changes, so she's probably anxious about all of that. Working on some training will also help strengthen your bond with each other, which will also relieve her anxiety.

Good luck, with everything!

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Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 12:51pm PST 
Absolutely, all those changes can be factors in Roxy's new behavior.

Do you practice NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free)? NILIF is fantastic for the emotional well-being of every dog, and in your case it may help keep Roxy feeling secure. Is your husband a leader type? It is worrysome to have your pack leader disappear. Now it's your turn to take charge of the pack, mom.

Make it a point not to give in to Roxy's whining and coddle her. This can reinforce the worried feelings in Roxy, making it worse instead of better.

When nothing is really the matter, demonstrate your calm and nonchalant attitude and the dog will pick up on it. If you have to, ignore her until she stops -- put on your mental earplugs, because it will escalate before the behavior extinguishes. When Roxy is calm, quiet, and confident/content, make it a point to give her extra affection.