He keeps dumping over his food bowl.. why?

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Kaiser - My sweet boy- is gone

The Mister
Barked: Mon Nov 6, '06 11:40am PST 
Kaiser has gotten into this habit lately of dumping the food dish all over when he goes to eat. He takes his paw and hits the side.

He did this when he was a puppy and I just assumed that wherever in God's name he called a home before I got him.. they probably just dumped food on the ground for the dogs so he got used to eating it like that. But then he got used to eating it in a bowl and never dumped it again.

Could this be a form of "sharing"? Cause he and Maggie eat out of the same bowl. Maybe he finds it easier for everyone to eat if it's spread out more?

Maggie never tips over the bowl.
Khola- CDX, CGC

R plus and- paitence what a- shocking idea
Barked: Mon Nov 6, '06 1:05pm PST 
maybe he's looking for the prize in the bottom.
Kaiser - My sweet boy- is gone

The Mister
Barked: Mon Nov 6, '06 1:06pm PST 


"Little- Spitfire"
Barked: Mon Nov 6, '06 3:41pm PST 
I don't have a clue... I like to go scuba diving in my water bowl though...Makes a nice mess... Why do you think I do this???

Cause it's fun!!!!

Barked: Mon Nov 6, '06 4:33pm PST 
What happens when he dumps his food? Do you bend over to pick it up? Do you talk to him? Do the other dogs come over to share/play? Chances are, he is getting some pay out for this behaviour. If, when he dumps his food, you tell him "Oh Kaiser you silly pooch. What do you think you're doing? Those crazy first owners were so evil. Don't worry pookie, I'll take better care of you ...." (just an example BOL), all he knows is that you are talking nice to him. Pretty soon dumping the food over is a way to get sweet words, even if you sweet talk him other times of the day. Ya can never get too much sweet talking! This could work the same way with getting the other dogs to come over. They come and share, they are closer to play with, play ensues after the meal, now dumping the food equals fun play session!

Or it could just be a wacky food habit! Lots of pups like to take their food to a different room so they don't eat alone (the whole pack meal situation). Some dogs will take their food out of the bowl, kibble by kibble, drop it on the floor and then eat it. Just some kooky pups out there! Unless it really bothers you or it makes way too much of a mess, I wouldn't really worry about it big grin

for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Tue Nov 7, '06 6:05am PST 
It's a very shepherdy thing to do - they are notoriously messy eaters and drinkers! Vincent did it until he got a raised feeder (6 years ago that was the "prevent bloat" thing to do) - he wanted floor kibble, not bowl kibble! But I have no idea why.
Kaiser - My sweet boy- is gone

The Mister
Barked: Tue Nov 7, '06 8:04am PST 
I'm just going to chalk this up to wacky food habit. I never say anything to him when he does it, I was just curious why he does it. They eat all the food up and the floor is clean so it really doesn't bother me.

Gio.. your post reminded me of my mom's jack russell. She will take one kibble out of the dish and walk away with it and eat it and then return and get another kibble and so on and so forth.

BOL! Dogs are so weird!

Where's my- ball???
Barked: Tue Nov 7, '06 10:48am PST 
Kaiser, Vegas used to do that too. I think it made eating more exciting because he got to chase his food. Kind of like hunting BOL! Then we got him a no-spill bowl and I guess he got out of the habit because we later switched to a metal bowl and he never did it again. But now his trick is pushing his bowl around when he eats, and he usually ends up eating on the opposite side of the room from where he started -- sometimes resulting in his bowl getting stuck under furniture.

That's cute that you share with your sister. Vegas would just end up eating everything!

Kiss me...I'm- making up for- lost time!
Barked: Tue Nov 7, '06 11:37am PST 
I do this, too. I also move my head up and down to try to get mom to throw my food so I can catch it. Maybe you're trying to play with your food?

ME, me, me, me!
Barked: Tue Nov 7, '06 1:44pm PST 
Spanky does the take it out of the bowl piece by piece and drops it in the living room floor, then he eats it piece by piece.