How to stop peeing in crate?!

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Barked: Thu Apr 20, '06 9:47am PST 
Asta, 15 wk old golden, has had a problem with peeing in her crate since we got her at 7 wks old. She does not do this at night, only during the day. We used to leave her in the crate for only 2-3 hours at a time while we're at work, but as she's gotten older we've increased that to 4 hours at a time. Every time we come home, she has peed inside the crate.

At first we thought her crate was just too big, but since she has grown over the weeks, that's no longer a possibility.

Then we thought she had some separation anxiety, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. She willingly goes into her crate, lies down and starts chewing on her Kong. She no longer barks or whines when we leave.

Then we thought maybe we were just leaving her in the crate for too long, but since she is 15 wks, shouldn't she be able to hold it 4 hours? At night, she goes from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m without needing to pee.

So - should we just be patient that as she gets a bit older she will grow out of this? Or is this a problem we need to be dealing with differently? We're so worried that she is coming to view this as normal. Has anyone else had this problem?

We've fed her meals in her crate to encourage her to view it as her den, and if we take her blanket out of it when we put her in, sometimes she will hold it for 4 hours, sometimes not. We've done alone training, are in a puppy kindergarten class, and housebreaking in every other aspect is going well.

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I am DEFINATELY no expert on any training of pups but I THINK this is pretty normal. Do you have water in the kennel? When Bailey was a pup she had a similar problem until we took her water out of the kennel during the day. It was one of those hanging water bottles and our Vet thought it might've become a game to drink out of it then she obviuosly couldn't hold it all day. The other thing I was taught was that in the kennel, there should be a "bed area" and a papered area and as long as they don't wet their bed (they shouldn't want to) it was fine and eventually they will learn to hold it.
Hope this helped some.
You also might want to mention this to your Vet next time you visit. Your baby might have a bladder infection?
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hmm, I'm not quite sure. As a basic rule, i discourage against feeding her in her crate, but I thinkits fine, since you've been doing it. Usually with puppies, its the other way around, because they think of it as a den,t ehy don't soil it. Try bringing your pup to the crate, locking her in for a few minutes, then bringing her outside to relieve herself. When she does, the first couple day, give her a treat, so that she associates it with a treat. If you don't, try to keep her in there to sleep, so she can learn to respect it as her own home. Hope this might help!

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It was easier for me because I'm an inside dog and totally paper trained. Mom attached my crate to a little penned in area she made. The "potty" area has a sheet of vinyl flooring covered in newspaper. That way I always have access to my potty area. When mom comes home, she detaches my crate from the potty area and takes me potty every 2 hours.

Last week she opened up the potty area when she's home so I have total access to it and I haven't had an accident since then.

You're a big dog though and not paper training, so it will probably be a little more difficult for you.

Good luck smile

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I am no expert but she might be peeing in her crate because she thinks it makes you come home. Since they got attention, even bad attention when they peed on the floor, chewed something up, etc, they would do it when they were gone thinking that it made them come home and scold them. Does that make sense? BOL

Just an idea!
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I had the same problem too as a pup. I could hold it all night in my crate but that's because I would always be tired and sleep through the night.

During the day, I would be awake and I would pee in my crate. Once my crate got small enough (hmm...or maybe I got bigger), I stopped doing it. I also didn't have any water in my crate. My family probably left for only a few hours at a time. I would get plenty of water when I woke up and then mommy always made sure I relieved myself before leaving for the day.

One other thing...I always had a towel in my crate so the towel always absorbed my urine. It made it easier for me to push it away so I wouldn't lay in it. Until I stopped urinating in my crate, mom started putting the soft towels back in.

Good luck!

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My dog Tosha is locked up in her kennel and leave her there for about 8 hours when we go to school. we put her in there at about 7:10 and we come home about 3:30. Everytime we come home there's pee on her butt and we have to keep giving her a bath and we're kinda getting sick of it. If you guys have any ideas to stop this please let me know.
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First of all, this thread is over 6 years old so I doubt any of these posters are still around.
And, NO DOG should be staying in a crate for 8 hours every day. It is not fair to the dog and is actually unhealthy to force them to attempt to hold their urine and/or bowels that long.
I would suggest you hire a dogwalker to get her out at least halfway thru the day and let her have an opportunity to get some exercise and play as well. My dogs are all crate trained but I never expect ANY of them, no matter what their age, to stay in their crates 8 hours. It is just not fair to them.
Do YOU go for 8 hours during the day without urinating??? Why should your dog have to??