Am I being an irresponsible father?

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Hello all,

I have had this issue on my mind but never really had the possibility to share it with anyone.

Rooney is 3-yrs-old and in perfect shape. We run 6 km (4miles) almost every day in the park. His build is amazing and he's never really been sick *knocks on wood*. I have made my mind since Day 1 that I will not have him desexed because I wanted him to become a father.
However, I got him from a farm on the boarder of Belgium and Netherlands and they never provided me with his pedigree. This has made it difficult to find a female for him, and so did the fact that most of the female Beagles I've met so far had been desexed.

Rooney is very stubborn, which I guess he picked up from me since, I, for one am too.

Does having your pet desexed really make them calmer in a sense that they will listen more when NOT on the leash?

Everytime we go for a run I unleash him because I believe that's the only way to gain his trust. I've seen owners of oldish Beagles, that would never let them off the leash because they "wouldn't listen".

To be honest, when at home, Rooney (almost) always listens and doesn't cause any problems. The only time I'm experiencing troubles is when we are in the park and he's off the leash. He starts chasing ducks, swims in dirty ponds and basically do his own thing.

What do you think? Am being too irresponsible to let Rooney off the leash that often?
Did I do wrong that I never got him desexed?

Please share your opinion!

Thank you and have a Beagle day


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You're completely fine in my book about the not cutting him. Cutting him should have very little affect on his behavior. You can train a intact dog to obey you not their hormones. Now about the off leash, I'm not a fan of dogs off leash. Its just not safe for them or other dogs. Being that he is a beagle they are known for not being trusted off leash (expect when hunting).

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My Lulu is a trained dog, and she will still run about when she is off leash at a dog park or such.

There is a lot of debate about whether to keep your dog intact. I suppose if you can guarantee he won't accidentally create little beagles, there's nothing wrong with it. I've also heard that intact dogs can be more aggressive, but never when it comes to beagles.

Christie from lifewithbeagle.com