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Hi! I am interested in possiably adopting a beagle. I looking for a bit of info. I have 5 birds. 4 of them are parakeets and are never out of their cages. The other bird is a small parrot only 9 inches long but she is out of her cage up until she goes to bed at night. I need to know if there would be an issue with having a bird out of cage with a beagle. Does it just depend on the individual dog? Or would it not work because the dog would go after the bird? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
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This would depend on the dog and whether or not the dog was raised with and trained to give the bird space. Keep in mind however, that ANY dog can accidentally kill a bird when trying to play, or even by accidentally stepping on it(my moms budgie died this way).

My beagle could care less about birds. My rabbits on the other hand are out of the question and he would chase if they ran loose near him. Beagles, like many dogs, are pack dogs, and prefer the company of other animals and people and if raised and trained properly, can even be good with birds assuming the individual dog isn't keen on birds to begin with.

My Lab mix puppy will chase birds if they're close by, while my Beagle will carry on doing what he's doing because he could care less unless it was grouse(he's highly interested in their smell), or rodents.

I do know many people who keep dogs successfully with free range birds(including Jack Russel's, Shepherds, Beagles, Cockers, Rottweilers, Huskies, etc) or parrots, but many of these dogs were either raised with the birds, or learned quickly that chasing or showing too much interest in the birds at all was unacceptable.