Beagles "HATE" kennels.........

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Barked: Thu Jun 10, '10 11:11am PST 
Hi, our dog Abbie, age 10, hates hates hates her kennel!! She's been kenneled since day one (got her at 6 months old). It all started about a year ago, she started having "explosive" diarhea in her kennel, with our vets help we narrowed it down to anxiety, she not only hates her kennel, she hates us leaving her to go to work. She hides somewhere in the house and we have to go find her and carry her to her kennel......he put her on anxiety meds, that helped with the diarhea but not the anxiety to go in her kennel. She has started growling, snarling, and snapping at us when we try to pick her up. She doesn't bite, she just acts like she is going to. Any help/suggestions??

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Barked: Fri Jul 30, '10 10:16am PST 
This is a bit late, but my only suggestion would be to forget about the kennel entirely. If your dog is that scared of it, chances are she's never going to get used to it and it would be cruel to force her to stay in the kennel.
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Barked: Fri Dec 24, '10 6:34pm PST 
I agree with sprite, but if you really need to use it then you can teach her to like it.
Start feeding her near her kennel, then in it, building up to keeping her in for more and more time. Clicker training her to like it would work too.


Barked: Sat Dec 25, '10 5:08pm PST 
I tried kenneling my dog for the first few months and she hated it! The howling and the barking were to much to handle. Now the only time i kennel her is if I go out of town. Thats a chore sometimes to. Last time I dropped her off at the kennel I gave everybody earplugs.

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Barked: Sun Jan 23, '11 9:13am PST 
Think about it. How would you like to be kenneled 1/2 of your day?
My Mom got me from just that type of situation. I've looked @ my kennel now for the past 10 years as a "safe" place where I go so I can travel to Grandma & Grandpa's house in a vehicle, so NO, I DON'T hate my kennel.snoopy Other than that, I sleep on Mom's bed aka: "OUR BED", if I want to snuggle during the day.

At night I sleep there also, but in Mom's right arm with my head on her shoulder. I LOVE MY MOM applause
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Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 8:38pm PST 
I know JUST what you're going through. Blue hated his from day 1. Treats, toys, blankets didn't help & neither did desensitizing by feeding meals, slowly increasing time spent in there Or D.A.P.(dog appeasing pheramone) sprays. I'd forget the medication, its obviously not the answer either. It isn't fixing anything its most likely just sedating her so she seems calmer. Anyway, one day our A/C quit and I knew if I kenneled Blue, I'd come home to a dehydrated, dead dog. So, I Beagle-proofed the house and left him with a chew bone. He did great! No howling, panting, drooling, pacing, body slamming or biting/digging to get out. I was amazed because we originally tried kenneling to keep his destructive behavior to a minimum! & now believe it or not, he actually looks forward to when I leave because he knows he gets his special snack! Occaisionally I do come home to an empty milk jug that was left on the counter laying in the livingroom or an emptied trash can filled with nothing but paper, but I'd rather that than fight him every day and him be constantly stressed. Try her out, who knows?

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Barked: Sun Sep 18, '11 6:12pm PST 
My dog cant be in a kennel or be baby gated in. Shes fine with a fence and leash but no more.wave
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Barked: Tue Sep 27, '11 11:32am PST 
Wow...interesting...I LOVE LOVE LOVE my crate laugh out loud I'm actually running to it when I know mom is leaving because that means I get a treat cloud 9 I also go there when I'm not feeling well. From the time I was a puppy I was trained to love my crate, chew my kong there, and just chill out. Interesting how our experiences are sooooo different thinking

Barked: Sat Nov 26, '11 10:48pm PST 
We are struggling with the crate too. His foster mom had him crate trained and we tried to maintain it. For the first few months he was fine and now when we come home hes had accidents almost everyday. He also has barking streaks throughout the day. We are trying to figure out what would work best. Generally haz isn't afraid of his crate, he sleeps there during the day sometimes and goes in and out freely when we are at home. We always leave him with his favorite stuff animal and a kong. So he runs in happily but at some point while we are out he panics. We would love to let him just roam freely in the house, but whenever we leave he panics and starts destroying things. Right now we do daycare three days a week but would like him to be able to stay home for the other two without stressing him. Any suggestions?

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Barked: Tue Dec 6, '11 11:22am PST 
I tried to crate train Gunner for a few weeks but he was not having it. Also he has separation anxiety, possibly because he is not at home alone often so when he is he does not adjust well. He is a very active dog but I dog proofed my house and make sure he gets plenty of exercise and he does not get into things.. well at least not while I am gone. When I am home it is like a game to him. Anyway he is pretty good at not having accidents because I got him on a schedule and I just know he has to go out at those certain times and so does he. Also to help with the anxiety I looked up some things and found that 1) make sure your dog has plenty of exercise 2) you could try to leave something that smells like you where the dog likes to lay so they feel safe. It sounds kind of gross to wear an old shirt all day and then give it to your dog but I think it does help some 3) mix up your schedule - if you always get up and take a shower, then eat breakfast, then get your keys and leave then take some extra time to mix it up. Like do things backwards or get your keys and go sit on the couch for 10 minutes. They say the anxiety starts to build the minute your routine starts so they are already amped up before you walk out the door.
Post might be a little late so sorry for that.
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