My mommy and daddy need some help.

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Barked: Fri Sep 28, '07 10:14am PST 
My mommy and daddy rescued me from the pound last December. I am 2 years old and I love my new home. I like to digg and howl at birds and my boyfriend Sammy. They don't like me doing these things and I don't know how to stop. Maybe you guys can give me some pointers so I can make them happywink I also don't like my daddy to put me outside to go potty, I won't listen and I will pee if he picks me up to put me outside, I'm not sure why I do this but he gets very mad at me for it.cry How can I get past this?thinking Hope to talk to you soon.

Barked: Sun Oct 21, '07 3:24pm PST 
For digging my dad made me a sandbox and mom hid toys in there for me to find. If she caught me digging in the yard she would tell me "NO!" and point at my box til I went over there to dig.

For barking I don't think there is much to stop us. Mom says "Quiet!" and I know if I don't stop barking I will have to go inside. Needless to say I have to go inside a lot. It's kind of like a time out for dogs. I get to go back out once I settle down a bit.

For potty breaks maybe your dad should take you out on a leash. When you do make your potty dad should say in a VERY HAPPY voice "Good Girl! Good Potty!". If he gives you a treat sometimes that will help you learn you did a good thing. He should only give a treat once in a while so you will always want to do your potty in the right place for the right reason and not expect a treat everytime.

I hope some of this helps.