Wanted: Advice on Beagles (Please!)

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Barked: Sun Oct 21, '07 2:42pm PST 
Patience is your best friend when it comes to a beagle! They can really test your limits-LOL! Though food will motivate a beagle remember that you still want your beagle to work for YOU and not just for treats.

Other advice- the nose is #1 and if in use the ears do NOT work.
-Be consistent on your training since a beagle will be consistent on trouble making.
-Keep food and garbage in a safe location. Beagles do not know when to stop eating.
-No matter what you might think beagles are very intelligent. If they tilt their head at you or act like they don't know what you are saying just know it is an act. They know.

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Barked: Wed Dec 12, '07 12:29pm PST 
I'm not sure if anyone already posted this because I don't have the time to read all of it but if your beagle starts to butt surf her anal glands are just full. At least that is what google told me. Also if your beagle starts to a snorting type fit its just a reverse sneeze. I think your supposed to rub their throat and cover their nose. Its like from eating to fast or something. Also my vet told me beagles can get skin allergies. Which means they can become very itchy.

I'm sure most of this is true for other dogs but I'm no expert. wave
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Barked: Thu Dec 13, '07 7:18pm PST 
Good advice, Trouble!

Like pups have said before, WATCH THE FOOD. My pawrent's father refused to stop feeding me and it led to several health problems and eventually my death. frown

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