Happy Birthday to ME!

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Molly- She keeps going,- and going......
Barked: Sat Sep 8, '07 8:05am PST 
Hi everybody! My name is Molly and today is MY BIRTHDAY! I am 3 years old today. My mom says I am very lucky to be 3 years old because when I was little I caused a lot of trouble and she didn't think I would make it past 1 year old and definately not past 2 years old. But look at me now...I'm 3 years old and all grown up. I hardly ever do bad stuff any more. Okay...maybe once in a while.
So today I will have a party...a BBQ...with HOTDOGS! And homemade FROSTY PAWS! And PRESENTS! Lots and lots of PRESENTS! And more TREATS!
Oh boy...I better go take my morning nap so I have lots of energy saved up for my party this afternoon when dad gets home from work.
Oh boy! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!


Snoopy as a- beagle!!!
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '07 10:24am PST 
Happy Birthday Molly!!!!

Sorry I'm late!!! Hope it was a great one!!! I'll send some treats your way!!

Hannah smile

Give LOVE to get- LOVE-Adopt a- Dog!
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '07 8:19pm PST 
Happy belated! party


Watch out world- here i come
Barked: Fri Sep 14, '07 2:07pm PST 
HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a nice Time on your special Day!
I can't wait til i turn 1 yrs old in Oct6.