Too get another or not get another

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Hi there, we have a 6 month old basset hound named Beezel. He is a beautiful pup and we love him dearly, we live in an apartment and he is fine (being a lazy basset) we make sure we don't over exercise him and my partner is at home with him every day. However, my partner will be going back to work and Beezel will be alone during the day - we have read that this is a good age to get him a friend and we would love to extend our basset family. We are moving out in 2 months to a place with a garden. Recently we found the perfect little buddy and what we want to know is whether it will be ok or not to 1. get a puppy with beezel being 6 months. 2. If it will make him feel happier and less lonely and 3. if it'll be ok to have a pup in an apartment for those 2 months. (Please note where I live finding a great basset available is rare) thank you in advance