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Doc Lee Ruiz

Barked: Tue Feb 7, '12 8:10pm PST 
I would like to know at what age can I breed my Basset Hound?? He will be 7 months on 2/16/12
Scrappy- (R.I.P.)

Barked: Sat Apr 21, '12 6:22am PST 
An animal is killed every 9 seconds in shelters across America because there are not enough homes for the dogs and cats that are already here. This is due to people not spaying and neutering their pets,resulting in even more unwanted animals, backyard breeders and puppy mills. Please consider the ramifications of breeding your basset...you will be contributing to the deaths of innocent animals by doing so. Even if you already have homes for the anticipated litter, those are homes that could have gone to a shelter dog or a breed rescue dog. Breeding should be left to experienced, ethical breeders, that are knowledgeable about their breed, care of the mother during pregnancy, and through labor, delivery, and weaning of the pups. They are usually familiar with what to do in case of complications at any stage of the process as well. If you don't even know how old your dog should be before you breed it, you are not qualified to be breeding it in the first place...puppies are not products to make a quick buck off, there are millions of puppies and dogs that are paying the price with their lives every year, 6-8 million lives, to be exact; because someone without the knowledge or the skills wanted to make a buck, thought it would be cute, show the kids, or any other reason. There is no reason for you to need to breed your dog.
Bo Buddy

Bo buddy -
Barked: Sun Jun 3, '12 9:12am PST 
I agree. DO NOT BREED YOUR BASSET! I am a foster mother to unwanted or thrown out Basset Hounds. This breed is one of the most neglected because of Odor and Stubbornness. I does not sound like you are knowledgeable enough for this undertaking. These are sensitive living beings and as such are not a play thing for someone who just thinks they might do this. It is completely irresponsible!