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Rosey Belle- Stewart

Mommy, let\'s- Snuggle!
Barked: Sun Oct 24, '10 7:39am PST 
Okay so me and my family are wanting to getting another dog.. We have always wanted a Bassett. The thing is that we don't have a yard for it to roam in.. We live on a main road, so it would have to be kept inside. We have a medium sized house I'd say. BUT We do walk up to i mile a day. So this question is for all of you Bassett hound owners. Can a Bassett live and thrive well in a household invironment without a big yard as long as they are exercised everyday? Or will this be a nightmare and mistake? We have been doing research on them, and we know they can be quite stubborn and we understand they get big. But our desire to own one is still there.. Can you guys give me some advice, and answer my question about wether or not they can live in a house kindof like apartment living if they are walked.. Thank you!
Droopy CD,- RA, HH, TDI,- CGC

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Barked: Tue Oct 26, '10 2:46pm PST 
Droopy lived in an apartment until he was two. It can be done. As long as they get walked on a leash everyday. They are a dog that is very adaptable and will easily adjust to a couch potato lifestyle. If they are kept active, they will be active. They are not a breed that you can take off leash because their nose will get the best of them. They will follow their nose anywhere even into the middle of the road. They are also masters of "selective hearing". They hear you just fine, they just choose their own agenda. Bassets were bred to work independently from their handlers, so they are not a dog that will hang on your every move. Droopy has obedience titles, but I do not trust him off leash in an unfenced area. Even with all of his training, his urge to hunt and his prey drive is too strong. They were originally bred to be rabbit dogs, so some do have a strong prey drive. Some not so much. It just depends on the individual dog.

Some bassets slobber a lot. It is amazing how high on the wall they can sling slobber. Some bark more than others. They do shed more than you might think. They are not a breed for the immaculate housekeeper. They are a big dog on short legs, so keep that in mind and don't let them jump off of furniture or beds. They can easily injure their backs and joints. They are master beggers and much smarter than most people give them credit for. Unfortunately, that intelligence is usually used to figure out how to surf the counter or get in the trash can. They are usually very food motivated.

With the negatives out of the way, I can say that bassets are my heart breed. I will never be without one. They are complete clowns and will always make you laugh. They can be mischievous, but it is part of their charm. They are happy to be with their people and are never opposed to a good nap at least when they have past their puppy stage.

To answer your question, you do not have to have a fenced yard to have a basset. You do have to have a leash and a clear understanding from everyone in the house that the basset can never leave the house unless he is on the leash. way to go

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Barked: Sun Oct 31, '10 12:07pm PST 
I have two and live in a really small house and although it is cramped it works. Our yard isn't that big and not fenced in so we have tie outs that we put them on when they need to potty and they'll run around a little bit out there too.

I think as long as they get walks and exercise they would be fine. Ringo is super lazy and sleeps all day so I know he doesn't really care that we have a small house. Ella is very energetic and is always go go go so I wish we had a bigger house for her but with walks and playing around in the house she is fine!

Good luck! Bassets are great!

Betty Loo

Barked: Thu Dec 30, '10 5:15pm PST 
Mine lives in 30 acres, but this breed can not be trusted! They need to be leashed walked or their nose will take them wherever they want to roam wink I love my Betty shes the besy cuddle bug ever.
Cletus Floyd Stewart

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Barked: Sat Jan 22, '11 10:00am PST 
Thanks for the advice! We ended up getting one. We've had him 3 months and his name is Cletus! He's amazing!