Is my dog a Basenji?

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Little Bitty
Barked: Thu Oct 1, '09 12:06pm PST 
I looked at the traits and characteristics and they match Beckley exactly! If you think my dog could be a Basenji let me know happy dance

Roadrunner and- Jumping Jack
Barked: Sun Oct 4, '09 7:01pm PST 
no, he looks more like a pit bull mix. I dont think he is a basenji.

Foster Failure- #3
Barked: Sun Oct 4, '09 7:14pm PST 
What about me? Could I be part basenji even though I only weigh 10 lbs fully grown?


God bless- BRAT!!!
Barked: Sat Oct 24, '09 6:44am PST 
The muzzle is a bit short and tail a bit straight, but certainly there could be Basenji in the mix--I do not see pit bull. Would need more photos to be for sure. Hmmm, does your doggy bark? thinking

My name is Bunmi (meaning Gift from God) and I'm a beautiful black and white purebred Basenji. My family adopted me from Basenji Rescue and Transport (lovingly known as BRAT). Please visit the website for tons of fantastic information about Basenjis...www.basenjirescue.org. Is great fun to look at photos and compare to your dog.

Regardless of breeding, your dog is amazingly attractive and (judging by the gorgeous black coat) a very smart and sweet doggy too.

Hugs and Yodels!

Ms. Bunmi (pronounced Booomi--aka Boomarang, Boomigirl, Rocketdog)

i own u
Barked: Tue Feb 8, '11 6:54pm PST 
I think he looks like a mix of basenji a pit!