does your aussie like water or is the internet right????

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I love to help!
Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 12:41pm PST 
Tetra (half aussie) will climb into the tub and tolerate being bathed, but clearly hates it. (I have started feeding her in the tub to make her like that place morelaugh out loud ) However, she takes after her mom (mutt) in the river or ocean-she loves to swim!!! blue dog

Barked: Sat Nov 21, '09 8:49am PST 
mine loves his baths, we don't have a swimming pool or anthing. i would love to see if he would swim. oh well.

Barked: Sun Nov 22, '09 3:04pm PST 
Mine loves to bite and chase the white caps but does not like to swim. He does ok with baths but does not really like them much.


excitable pup
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 3:20pm PST 
And I thought something was wrong with Merlyn that he won't swim anywhere if there's any way to avoid it. He once slipped into a Quarry pond and I had to drag him out over the slippery stone edge because he wouldn't just swim off to a shallower place to walk out. Sheesh. I mean, would the jerk just drown rather than swim a few feet?

That having been said, he grew up walking in the woods, and loves nothing more than splashing through any running water that doesn't rise up much farther than his belly. As for baths, I have to practically chain him down to get him washed.

But he absolutely loves the snow. As in, run into drifts until he's skidding like he's on skis.

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Barked: Wed Dec 30, '09 8:39pm PST 
Apparently my pup's sire loves the water, and his pups tend to enjoy it too. We'll not know for sure until the winter passes and we bring Cohen to the beach.

Diefenbaker would only ever go in up to his arm pits... voluntarily. There was a time when we were camping he fell off a dock and was too startled to do anything but desperately cling on to the side. He looked like a drowned bat! Check out Dief's page for a post-dunk photo. We fitted him with a lifejacket soon after.

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Barked: Tue Jan 29, '13 10:11pm PST 
Lily LOVES water. Some dogs do not like baths, but like bodies of water they are free to willingly go in and out of, though. A lot of dogs who do not like water, are dogs that have had a bad experience with it.
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