Do I appear to be Kelpie?

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Step away from- the ball
Barked: Mon Sep 17, '07 9:39am PST 
I just got my DNA test back, I'm not Doberman, Lab or Rottweiler - could I be part Kelpie? The test consisted of 38 breeds and Kelpie wasn't on the list. My owner is wondering what you think?

Doofus Poodini
Barked: Wed Sep 19, '07 3:15am PST 
He has all the same facial charateristics as our Kelpie
I vote YES!

Barked: Fri Oct 5, '07 6:33pm PST 
I say no. Hes much too big. Have a look at my dog "timber" every one thinks hes a kelpie.. but hes not. He is a German Shepherd/ Australian Cattle Dog cross. I would say yours is a simular cross. smile

Gizmosis- Jones

heloo ladies
Barked: Mon Oct 22, '07 4:57pm PST 
You are a total kelpie, dude!!way to go

I'm all ears!
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '08 9:10am PST 
I think my dog's a Kelpie too; he's a rescue and we're just not sure what he is. We did a DNA test that did not include Kelpie; we assumed that if it came back with something crazy, we would know he's a Kelpie. It told us he is made up of two secondary breeds: Border Collie and SAMOYED. Yes, Samoyed. The BC part makes sense since apparently BC's and Kelpies share a common ancestor. However, I think that Samoyed's just have a similar gene sequence to Kelpies in the particular area that the DNA test examines.

Kelpies are bred for working drive rather than show, so their appearance is extremely variable. My dog looks just like the first Kelpie on Wikipedia's Kelpie page, but dissimilar from the other ones. I say your dog's a Kelpie. What did the DNA test say?

Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 6:18pm PST 
Im not sure. Does he have in shep in him?? Im on here for the same reason. I think my dog Bo may be part Kelpie. He was found on a dirt road. He has tiny little feet and he weighs about 40 lbs.

Stinky Dinky Doo
Barked: Mon Dec 8, '08 5:10pm PST 
i would say no. He has more characteristics of a German Shephard...

I never met a- tennis ball I- didn't like.
Barked: Sun Dec 14, '08 8:22pm PST 
I might be part Kelpie, too. Are there any DNA tests that cover the Kelpie? I sent a photo to some Kelpie breeders and they say there are a lot of Kelpies in this area due to all the people who need help herding cattle and sheep.

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Got Jerky?
Barked: Wed Dec 24, '08 2:43pm PST 
I had a genetic test (the cheek swab) and while I thought I might be a Lab/Heeler/Border Collie type of guy, it turns out I am not any of those! My intelligence is off the charts and I am pretty special. Do you think I might be a partial kelpie?

Greenies- Rock!!!!
Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 10:04am PST 
You could be a Kelpie...you sure look like one... I'm a Kelpie mix. My mom had my DNA done to find out what other breeds I am, but the test did not include Kelpies. She forgot to check that out before ordering the test....she's not too bright shh But I still love her....we are very close
Does anyone know of a service that tests for Kelpie DNA?
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