Play or aggressive?

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We just adopted a 1 1/2 year old cattle dog / mix, she looks more like a cattle dog then anything else but a smaller one, that was a rescue. She seems like a great dog 95% of the time. There's only one time where I feel like she might actually bite me and that's when she's playing with a toy. I have some squeaky balls and a squeaky monkey that she just loves. At first I thought she was just playing tug of war, like my parents dog does, but There are times when it almost looks like she was about to go after my hand instead if I reach for the toy. She doesn't do anything like this with food or anything else that I have seen. on walks she stays beside us most of the time. This is just with her toys. I have no kids, and I make it clear to visitors to be careful of this. I am not sure how to go about this yet, but the adoption came with a couple of free obedience classes that we intend to put to use.