Groaning to get her demands met

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Bossy Diva
Barked: Thu Feb 23, '12 9:45pm PST 
Our 16 month old ACD/Aussie mix has recently started groaning, quite loudly and incessantly, as a means to get what she wants. i.e. Sometimes another walk, sometimes it's another cookie, sometimes to play fetch. It's obviously because she is bored and craves our attention and interaction. It's mostly in the evenings as soon as we sit down. Dog treat puzzles and chew bones only go so far. We don't want to create a weight problem. We are working towards taking her for longer walks. I was walking her 3-5 miles per day. Then fell while out on the trail with her and really messed up my ankle. It's been a slow process but I am slowly lengthening our walks again. Up to 1-2 miles now. This behavior started shortly after I was injured and has become a habit. Any ideas on how to curb her groaning? She has learned it is an effective way to badger us into giving her what she wants. We had an ACD for 15 years so we are familiar with the breed. Intelligent, strong willed and requiring lots of exercise. Also one of the most loving and loyal of breeds.