cattle dog in the city?

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Barked: Mon Jun 2, '08 3:19pm PST 
so, I got a ACD because I had one growing up in the county, but he was not an inside dog. Now I have diesel and live in the city. I have a big back yard but plan on keeping him inside is this going to be a problem because hes a hearding dog? I have been reading horror stories about urban hearding dogs , he is potty training fast but is he going to be to hyper for the city? am I setting myself up for disaster? I love him so much and would never give him up but what do you think?
Sam. :)

Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 8:55pm PST 
I'm thinking, just by reading this, that if you get him mental stimulation (tricks- you seem to be doing well with that), and exercise when you can, it shouldn't matter as far as his "hyperness" way to go Have fun with Diesel and enjoy all of his puppy moments!!!!!!dancing

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Barked: Thu Jun 26, '08 11:08am PST 
Well, a cattle dog needs exercise, so you need to provide that. I know its fairly arbitrary, but I would suggest about 2 hours of REAL exercise every single day.


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Barked: Fri Jul 11, '08 5:14pm PST 
Our little ACD is a bundle of energy. They need to be exercised lots and need a job to do. Long walks off leash if you can do it .. I know hard when they are puppies. They are just so fast it is almost heartbreaking to keep them tied. My son plans on agility when he is old enough and puppy kindergarten of course .. they need a firm hand.

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Barked: Sat Jul 19, '08 8:00am PST 
My wife and I live in the city with Oswald, and he does great. In addition to walking,we take him to a local park where we can play fetch. He burns more energy faster while sprinting after his ball than he does on a casual walk. I guess it's trial and error. Diesel will certainly let you know if he isn't getting enough exercise. smile


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Barked: Wed Jul 23, '08 9:29pm PST 
I live in the city and I have no problem...although I've never been on a farm other than before daddy got me. I am more of a Diva momma says..I don't like heat or cold, I like to sleep on the bed or I cry all night, I have certain spots I lay around in the house and such BUT I do like to roll in grass on a hot summer day....

However, like many already said..cattle dogs have lots of energy and need excercise to keep stimulated. It takes alot of consistancy to keep us from "outsmarting" humans!