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Cuter than you
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 9:40pm PST 
I'm new! I'm pretty sure I'm 100% Australian Cattle Dog. It's my first day home from the humane society with my new family. I'm a red heeler. There used to be a blue heeler here but he died last month at the age of 14 so I joined the family. So far it's pretty great here. I have a big backyard and some pretty nice people to play with and cuddle.
Quinn AKA The Love Bomb

The Evil- Count- Crapula
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 4:06am PST 
Hey Chingu!! wave

Me and my human are pretty sure you're a purebred too. In fact, you look a LOT like me in your picture, so of course that makes you extremely handsome and smokin' HOT!!

Congrats on your new family!! We sent you and your angel puppy brother a pal request.
Corbin- Dallas

The better to- hear you with!
Barked: Wed May 16, '07 7:15pm PST 
You are very handsome, and me and my humane agree too, that ur def a ACD, and a darn good looking one.